Is The Battle For Marriage Costing Us The War For Full Equality?

Queerty contributor Daniel Villarreal spent most of the Creating Change conference in the hotel bar meeting committed queer activists. This week we’ll be sharing his audio interviews with LGBT folks working in marriage equality, political activism, new media, sexual freedom, and transgender representation.

WHO: Michael Crawford, a Texas-native, long-time LGBT activist, and new media director at Freedom To Marry, an organization dedicated to overturning DOMA, winning marriage in more states, and educating the public about why same-sex marriage matters to everyone. He helped get marriage equality passed in DC and can throw quite a bit of shade when he wants.

WHAT: We discussed whether the DADT repeal will lead to marriage equality nationwide, the likelihood that we’ll ever see gay marriage legalized in the deep south, and how he responds to those who call marriage equality is an attack on religion and say it shouldn’t be at the top of the LGBT political agenda.

QUOTE: “LGBT people place importance on different issues at different times. For some people that’s gonna be freedom to marry, for other folks that’s gonna be focusing on around safer-schools and anti-bullying legislation. For other people it’s gonna be focused around HIV and AIDS. And I think it’s not so much about which issues are quote-unquote ‘at the top of the LGBT agenda,’ it’s about how we can leverage the work that we’re doing around all of those issues to help move forward the entire range of LGBT equality issues.”