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Is the BBC Seriously Asking Whether It’s OK to Murder Gay Ugandans?

The BBC, the world’s oldest broadcaster whose radio network recently took flack when a host derided gay Pop Idol winner Will Young, is now putting the morality of Uganda’s “Kill The Gays” bill up to Internet readers.

Because this is what constitutes “letting readers weigh in” in Web 2.0, the network’s Africa Have Your Say show will be hosting a segment today asking listeners whether Uganda’s gays should be executed. You know, so they can debate — DEBATE! — the issue.

In the meantime, they’re inviting reader comments!


Has Africa Have Your Say also hosted segments on whether Rwanda’s “ethnic cleansing” was reasonable? Or whether the Third Reich’s laws, giving the state the right to detain and execute anyone as they saw fit, were reasonable?

Ah yes, well this is the same network whose board members ruled the word “gay,” even when used in a derogatory manner, means “rubbish” and should not be interpreted as offensive.

UPDATE: After much criticism, the BBC has updated its “debate” question:


And they’ve closed off the comments.

UPDATE: BBC has apologized.