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Is The Nate Berkus Show Going to Satisfy Your Oprah Withdrawal?

So who tuned in on Monday to watch The Nate Berkus Show premiere? Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? Admittedly, I completely missed it, and I’m already getting crap for it from the Queerty overlords, who insist that watching homos on daytime television is part of my job description. But it seems enough of you tuned in — the premiere “opened at a 1.2 rating/4 share in the weighted metered markets,” relays B&C, though the time slot was “down 8% from its lead-in of 1.3/4, but up 20% from its September 2009 time period average (1.0/3) — for it to be preliminarily ruled a decent open. Nate insists the show is “unlike anything” we’ve seen before, which I can hardly believe because there are no new ideas out there. Except Nate did manage to “surprise” me with his Elizabeth Edwards interview: Rather than grilling her on her douchebag of a husband, he explores how interior design is saving her life, which actually explains the entire point of the show: “Life by design” is the tagline. (Oh, and Nate? You’re not the “pup” in that TV Guide cover. You’re the cub.)