Is The Netherlands Building A Modern Gay Ghetto?

boysResponding to research that suggests 22 percent of gay men in the Netherlands feel unsafe in their own neighborhoods, a Dutch real estate company is looking to build a “gay village” in the city of Tilburg comprised of thirteen housing locations all fenced in together.

Activists are crying foul, equating the project to a ghetto. Though in this ghetto, the average home price will still set you back roughly $338k.

Gay community website,, said, “Did you mean ghetto?” while advocacy group COC reasoned that, “‘We don’t think a gay village is the right solution to unsafe living surroundings for Dutch LGBTs. LGBTs should be able to live safely in the entire country.”

Tilburg mayor Peter Noordanus is welcoming the project, touting it as a potential benefit for LGBT seniors.

Which it very well may be, except that’s not how it’s being pitched by the developer.

No word yet on whether or not the project has been given the green light to break ground.

H/t: Gay Star News