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Is The Pentagon Actually Working on Relaxing DADT? According To Them, No


“There isn’t a timetable.” That’s Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman on Friday, on whether the U.S. military is actually responding to Defense Sec. Robert Gates’ supposed request to look into Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Yes, that’s the same request Gates made in June about implementing DADT in a “more humane way.”

To Gates, “humane” means not booting gay servicemen and women if they’re forcibly outed by a tattle tale. Not exactly “equality under the law,” but it could theoretically be good news for Air Force Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach, a decorated Iraq war veteran, who was investigated for being a gay after a civilian told his bosses. About to be formally removed from duty two years shy of 20 years of service, Fehrenbach will lose medical benefits and a $50k/year retirement package.

Too bad the Pentagon doesn’t appear to have moved the ball a single inch.

To be sure, Whitman added: “We’re certainly aware that this is a very emotionally charged issue, but the commander in chief is clear that he would like to change the policy.” And it’s only taken 326 ousted gay soldiers under Obama’s watch to get us here!