Is the Rock Looking To Come Out?

Yeah, we know, the idea of The Rock being in the closet’s pretty remarkable. Regardless of his alleged pussy proclivity, he had quite an interesting exchange with Ryan Reynolds. Here’s what those gossip-mongers over at TMZ had to say:

Move over Alanis, Ryan Reynolds got a new playmate – The Rock?

The two hunks-of-men were spotted chatting [when] the former WWE man-in-tights asked Reynolds, “Have you officially come out of the closet yet?”

The ripped Reynolds laughed off the remark as his ladyfriend asked The Rock, “Have you??” Someone’s playing matchmaker! The Rock replied, “Tomorrow I will.”

Okay, yeah, we doubt Mr. Rock will be making any big announcements, but we have to admit we’d be pretty psyched. No, we’re not fans, but we’ve been itching for another coming out story!