power to the pew

Is the United Methodist Church About To Demand All Congregations Accept Non-Celibate Gays?

In 2005, the Rev. Ed Johnson, who was then a senior pastor at South Hill United Methodist Church in Virginia, refused to let a sexually active gay man to join the congregation. Yes, the right to even sit in the pews — not conduct the sermon. Looking back on it, neighboring churches have the sads.

So they’ve asked the United Methodist Church’s highest court, the Judicial Council, to reconsider the decision, which it will do in October at its annual meeting. If it says Johnson was wrong five years ago, the Council will be ruling against itself; at the time it said the local pastors have the power to decide who can join the church.

Like the Episcopal and Lutheran churches, United Methodist is in the middle of its own split about the gays. Join us in October when we reveal the exciting results at the live finale!