Is The University Of Michigan’s Anti-Homophobia PSA Pro-Violence?

The University of Michigan celebrated the 40th anniversary of The Spectrum—the nation’s oldest campus-based LGBT center—by airing this anti-homophobia PSA during their Saturday football game against San Diego State. But does the 30-second ad actually advocate hurting homophobic people and if it does, it that even a problem considering how often homophobia leads to violence.

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  • Ben M

    Oh have a sense of humor…

  • Riker

    There’s nothing wrong with that ad. Breeders have been committing genocide against us for centuries, and they continue to commit acts of violence against us. Nothing wrong with hitting a homophobe with a football; all things considered its pretty mild.

  • doug105

    Like the rest of the apes we sometime throw things to get someones attention, atleast
    he wont have to clean afterward.

  • Atlas

    Being hit by a football doesn’t really qualify as violence.

  • Joe

    Yes, this is dangerous, I watched the Stooges growing up and now I just can’t help but smack every person I see with chairs and lamps and wooden beams. I’m out of control, and I hope this ad doesn’t do the same to some other poor soul!

  • Jakey

    I really don’t think this advocates hurting homophobic people. The guy said something homophobic, his teammates benched him, and just when he thinks he’s at his lowest a football veers away from the field and hits him in the head Marcia Brady-style. I’ve seen this gag a zillion times in a zillion contexts (mostly with someone who sucks at gym class sitting off to the side), and it’s almost always been about the person kinda inviting misfortune upon themselves, not about people around them targeting them. Otherwise it wouldn’t be very funny, you know?

  • Ellen

    After watching that wonderful video, I couldn’t imagine how Queerty could use such a dumb, insulting headline. Then I saw Dan Villarreal’s name on the byline and the stupidity made sense.

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