Is There a Picture Of Jesse James Reenacting a Gay Bashing Too?

It’s always pretty amazing to learn somebody so enmeshed in Hollywood could actually harbor such homophobic thoughts — but then you step into a major talent rep agency, and you hear the word “faggot” bandied about. So, surprised that Sandra Bullock’s soon-to-be ex Jesse James used his motorcycle shop to try out some heated language? Nah. has exclusively obtained an email between Jesse and a former coworker in which Jesse makes many gay slurs, an allegation that has been leveled at him previously by coworkers and other sources. Now the proof is in his own words. In what appears to be a falling out between Jesse and two other men Jesse starts the correspondence by writing, “Now you guys will be able to Suck each others D***s without anyone giving you a hard time for it!

“That’s right!…my place is ‘f***ed up’..and the Two most ‘f***ed up’ things about my place are gone now!…..Don’t worry though you 2 f***ots will be fine!” Jesse continued. “Maybe Just Maybe? If you suck his d**k real hard he might even put you guys on TV!…….”

Several sources have confirmed to that Jesse has always had a problem with the gay community and is known for making gay slurs in the workplace. “He uses the word f***ot all the time,” an insider said. “It makes people really uncomfortable and it’s very inappropriate, but it flows out of his mouth just as naturally as ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ does with most people.”