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Is There Really Hope For Gay Disney Characters?

Disney may no longer be producing princess flicks, but how about cinderfella films? Andreas Deja, a veteran Disney animator who’s worked on The Lion King and Aladdin, says the time will come when the film studio features gay characters. “Is there ever going to be a family that has two dads or two mums? Time will tell,” says Deja in an interview that elsewhere lists stupid reasons to call Disney a “gay-friendly” company. (Look, it hired a homosexual! And it permits, but does not endorse, Gay Days!) “I think once they (Disney chiefs) find the right kind of story with that kind of concept, they will do it. It has to be the right kind of story and you have to find that first.” Now, all Scars aside, let’s pretend Disney has really never featured a gay character. Which means it’s time, peanut gayllery, to start pitching Disney some storylines.

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  • Red Meat

    I don’t think society is ready to simply enjoy a gay prince Disney movie yet, they will focus on that instead of the movie itself. What they need to be doing now is including gay characters so that when they do make a gay prince movie, it won’t be such a big deal.

  • Jacob

    So, there was this really excellent Disney cartoon from from the mid-90s titled “Gargoyles”. Although it hasn’t been shown in-story YET, the gargoyle named Lexington is gay.

  • Jacob

    Er, I guess it’s worth mentioning that a comic book continuation of the series has been produced since the animated series ended.

  • Ervs

    They could make the kids book King and King into a movie with its sequel. I mean, Disney could really do this up well.

  • Queer Sphere

    I think it would be great if Disney were to do this. Although like the animator says, it would have to be the right kinds of story and done well.

  • Denise

    College Musical!: The Adventures of Ryan Evans

  • Pete

    @Denise – I’d watch that!

  • zaniell

    Something tells me 20 years down the road kids will be watching Disney gay hentai porn b4 going to bed

  • Steff

    This is a great idea. There was an absence of any real queer presence growing up. Unless, it was used a joke…Disney has used effeminate males or butch women in the past to suggest that person might be villainous. While, gender and sexual orientation are separate, they have used it in unison to suggest all kinds of things in children’s literature and film. So the whole silliness of saying people will be shoving the gay agenda down kids’ throats is pointless to claim. They already do, it’s just a negative one.

  • Danny

    Sounds like Disney needs to man-up, grow a backbone, and make a gay animated feature.

  • Sage Cat

    I support gay characters in cartoons. There’s plenty of het romance- why can’t gays be characters as well?

    Gays without gay jokes.
    Lesbians that don’t exist to be fanservice.
    Gays as regular people.
    Gays that aren’t in relationships or looking for them.
    Gays that are non-white. How about a black lesbian or a hispanic gay dude?
    Non-“attractive” gay characters. If every gay character is hot- that’s just unrealistic.
    No extra sexual puns- if it’s a kid’s movie.
    Gays that aren’t rich or famous.

    Yes, Disney ought to create characters that just happen to be be gay. Why not?

  • Master_Puppet

    @Sage Cat: I agree completely. Besides, this is the sort of attitude people should have towards gays anyways. They’re just people. So, why not have a character that just happens to be gay? It would make any show or movie more realistic, and educational.

  • zach

    @Red Meat: exactly its not really noticed by everyone but watch the newer disney movies and you will see gay characters in the background

  • M

    No little kid wants to watch sexual perversion, and no parent would show it. Gays are only 6% of the population, if we push gays, the human race will go extinct.

  • darlashe

    We have to remember how long it took disney just to come out with a black princess. Maybe in a few generations. Not now.

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