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Is There Really Hope For Gay Disney Characters?

Disney may no longer be producing princess flicks, but how about cinderfella films? Andreas Deja, a veteran Disney animator who’s worked on The Lion King and Aladdin, says the time will come when the film studio features gay characters. “Is there ever going to be a family that has two dads or two mums? Time will tell,” says Deja in an interview that elsewhere lists stupid reasons to call Disney a “gay-friendly” company. (Look, it hired a homosexual! And it permits, but does not endorse, Gay Days!) “I think once they (Disney chiefs) find the right kind of story with that kind of concept, they will do it. It has to be the right kind of story and you have to find that first.” Now, all Scars aside, let’s pretend Disney has really never featured a gay character. Which means it’s time, peanut gayllery, to start pitching Disney some storylines.