Is This Blonde Hunk With Bulging Biceps The Sexiest IHOP Waiter Ever?

A tipster sends in a picture of an absolutely stunning blonde hunk who is wasting away his life waiting tables at IHOP instead of serving us breakfast in bed. Our tipster says the clandestinely snapped pic has “making the rounds on several gay message boards,” and now there’s even a Facebook page dedicated to the beautiful stranger.

We haven’t nailed down where in America this pic was taken, but let us know if you do. There’s something inexplicably hot about the way his veiny bicep wants to break free of his rolled up shirt, isn’t there?

Sexiest IHOP waiter ever? Or just-plain sexiest waiter ever? Someone get him an escort job a job at the Olive Garden, stat.

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  • JoeyBoots

    I so wanna lick maple syrup off of him!

  • roger

    I take his cream in my coffee…what a hotcake…

  • JayKay

    So someone takes a picture of this guy, apparently without asking him or letting him know in advance, then posts it online, again seemingly without asking, and now he’s got a bunch of strange queens salivating over him all over the internet.

    Creepy. Just creepy.

  • J

    Evan’s hotter

  • Timmeeeyyy!!!

    Cyber-stalking a total stranger is NOT COOL!

  • Eric Auerbach

    How fucking creepy is this?

  • what?

    i agree. this is exactly why straight guys get creeped out by gay guys… and straight girls get creeped out by straight guys for doing similar things.

  • Cam

    @what?: said…

    “i agree. this is exactly why straight guys get creeped out by gay guys… and straight girls get creeped out by straight guys for doing similar things.”

    I have news for you, straight girls are just as creepy. Just ask the multiple gay guys who have been stalked in school or after.

  • Mike UK

    wrong on so many levels!

  • MEJ

    I’m glad I’m not the only person who thinks this is creepy.

  • Alex

    I’m gonna play both sides of the fence here: Yes, this is creepy. And yes, I would bang that like a screen door in a hurricane.

  • Nick Thiwerspoon

    BTW, isn’t it “blond” if you’re talking about a man, “blonde” if it’s a woman?

  • Michael

    If he didn’t want his photograph to end up on gay websites, he obviously shouldn’t leave the house dressed like that.

  • Mike UK

    @Michael: what a ridiculous statement! how’s he supposed to dress for work so weirdos don’t take his picture and plaster him all over the net?

  • Sam Luigi

    @JayKay: Agreed. I feel violated for him.

  • lewis



  • QJ201

    some people have too much time on their hands

  • Frank

    Sexy ?…not really, rather creepy

  • matt baume

    I can’t help thinking that if this was a picture of a woman, and a man wrote, “I want to lick maple syrup off of her,” everyone would be, UGH ICK STOP. Maybe the object of the attention would be OK with it, but the fact that they’ve been fetishized without their consent is a bit of a violation.

    On the other hand, oh boo hoo a lot of people think you’re attractive, cry me a river. Everyone thinks it when they see you in real life, so what’s wrong with them thinking it when they see you on the internet? But on the other other hand, there’s a difference between thinking someone’s hot versus openly masturbating at them, which is pretty much what’s happening here.

    Also, lol at “gay message boards,” okay gramps.

  • Michael

    Let’s just be proud that this handsome guy has a good head on his shoulders. Why should he be an escort or porn star. Some guys are just level headed, hard working and gifted. It’s healthy to look and be enevious. The fact that he works for a living says a lot about him. More power to him.

  • Halso

    So Evan, you think every young, attractive man out there has to become a prostitute? Fucking creep.

  • geoff

    no comment of the ethics or taking this pic and posting it, however if the A&F people see it maybe this young man will get a better gig.

  • J

    This pic is creepy and he’s definitely not my type

  • CBRad

    As far as NYC goes, you never see guys who look like that. In Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island, yes.

  • CBRad

    @Michael: Yup ! And the best-looking guys are all across the country (moreso than in the “glamourpuss” cities like NY and L.A.)

  • Kristopher

    It’s not really that creepy. He was in a public place, it’s not like someone was sitting in a tree with a telephoto lens taking shots of him undressing in his bedroom.

  • Halso

    @Kristopher: “It’s not really that creepy. He was in a public place, it’s not like someone was sitting in a tree with a telephoto lens taking shots of him undressing in his bedroom.”

    ^A creep rationalizing creepiness.^

  • Tone

    I don’t care for this at all. I’m sure like the rest of us doesn’t want this kind of attention. He has a right to live a dignified and private life the same as the rest of us. We don’t know his story and we have no business knowing. Shame on you Queerty for furthering this nonsense.

  • Triple S

    I’m more of a face guy. Nice muscles are always good addition, but his face seems a little dopey to me. It may just be the angle, but I’m not feeling turned on or interested as all by this handsome young guy. Well, I can hardly say young since I’m younger than him, but still.

  • Jonathan

    Please, he’s a beautiful guy and someone took a picture of him. What’s the big deal?

  • Chad

    Yea and plastered it all over the Internet without his concent! It’s called violation of privacy! That’s the big deal. Something good may come of it such as him be discoverd or whatnot but that end does not justify the means.

  • Halso

    @matt baume: “Also, lol at “gay message boards,” okay gramps.”

    I’m sure Evan is sorry. How dare he use a phrase that, though entirely comprehensible to his audience, doesn’t sound quite right to you? You are clearly the gay community’s arbiter of young and hip language. So tell us, O great one, what *is* the accepted term for “message board?” We await your answer, O masterful one.

    PS: In case you missed it, I was being sarcastic. You’re a douche.

  • Jonathan

    What if I post a picture of a random pretty girl I see in Paris on my FB page and that picture ends up on millions of other FB pages? Is that wrong? If I saw him at IHOP, I would have taken his picture and showed it to everyone I know. He’s beyond stunning, a truly beautiful man and we are hardwired to appreciate beauty whether a Monet, a Mozart or a rockin’ waiter from IHOP!

    Lighten up.

  • tim b

    Here’s the kicker: the guy who set up the Facebook page “only shares some information publicly”. Profile photos don’t make the cut.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Jonathan: Oh God, literally every word you write makes you sound creepier. Stop.

  • jeff4justice

    WOW! I’ve never seen an attractive person on thew internet before. Gorundbreakig work here.

  • Phantom

    He is cute, but not my type. Plus he have the rights to have privacy so it’s not right. It’s not creepy, just not right and disrespectful.

  • ChrisC

    Anyone else think he kind of looks like a hotter version of that YouTube Guy DaveyWavey? lol.

  • Jonathan

    @ChrisC: You’re right! Absolutely a hotter DW.

  • BECQueerty

    It is kind of creepy… the picture taker should have asked his permission. But, I have a feeling that someone who has worked so hard to get his body in shape as he has, would probably appreciate the… well, appreciation. Nothing is “inappropriately” exposed. And, he’s not doing anything that would ruin his chances to run for president…. well, expect for actually ‘working’… silly me.

  • Fake Fakerson

    This photo is fake. Thanks Mo from DL!

  • shannon


  • J

    Actually, now that I think about it, why the hell is Queerty pinning up this random private person and openly calling for an invasion into his privacy

  • J

    Actually, now that I think about it, why the hell is Queerty pinning up this random private person and openly calling for an invasion into his privacy?

  • gregg

    You weirdos. There are thousands of men in my town just as attractive as him. This is just some one trying to pay the bills, not a druggie porn “actor” for you to jack off to. Some days I just HATE being gay and being associated with scum like you all.

  • Tim of thee leery

    You know, the more respectful way to do this is to tell the guy you’re a budding photographer and would be willing to pay him carfare and lunch money for a session and that you’d be willing to give him copies that he could use in a portfolio. If he gets creeped out by that, then this is a total invasion of his privacy. If he’s interested, you sign a release and can put it up on the web, if that’s your goal, without violating his rights. If he’s on the fence about it, he’s probably right to be because you’re not a budding photographer, you’re some horny wanker with a cameraphone. I’ve been approached like that, and a couple times (with females actually) I was flattered and gave it a shot, and a couple other times (with males actually) I was a little skeeved, or worse, and passed.

    He has the right to capitalize on his looks and physique the way he chooses, if that’s what he wants to do, and—without his consent—you don’t. That goes double if capitalizing on his looks and physique is something he doesn’t want to do.

    In theory the idea of posting where this iHop is and people coming in to, erm, sit on his shift, could be imagined to flatter him and please his boss; in actuality, he could be anything from scandalized to fired to endangered.

    And you people saying he’s not hot look like ridiculous children, I hope you know. If he’s not your type that’s fine. But he’s buff and he’s cute and what you see walking down the street has nothing to do with it. Cute is everywhere, and we all got streets. We’re not all going “ooh, lucky you,” or “my, mustn’t she have standards”. We’re remembering the lyrics to Laura Branigan’s “Gloria”.

  • Jeff Lassiter

    I had a friend on Facebook who would take photos and post them of random guys, with really more and more outrageous comments about what he would do to them. I drothreatepped him as a friend because it was so creepy and stalkerish. Then about a month ago, someone told me a friend of one of the guys he had creeped showed the picture to him, the guy tracked my ex friend down and threatened to sue him. If you’re gonna be a creeper, you have to prepare for what could happen. It is VERY creepy.

  • Jeff Lassiter

    Sorry about the typo, I dropped him as a friend.

  • Aiden

    Oh look, a guy with arm muscles. Quick everyone start salivating and hyperventilating. I mean the guy is cute, but really, all of this?


  • Joetx

    @JayKay: +1

  • Drew

    Creepy Creepy Creepy. This guy is NOT even hot, handsome, or cute. I see men who are actually hot, handsome, and cute just going about my day. No I don’t take pics of them or stalk them since that’s creepy and I’ve had people take pics of me and put them on their sites without my permission.

  • Triple S

    @Drew: I agree. Not on the seeing beautiful men everyday part (I wish), but this guy looks like a porn actor. And how many have we seen? How many finely chiseled bodies have we seen against another? There’s nothing novel or super special about this guy. The beauty in a man, nay, a person! Is in their personality and being, not in the size of the arms or perfection of body. I for example, probably won’t ever look like he does, although I’d very much like to. My future man probably won’t either. And I would be so bold as to say that most of all the boyfriends/partners/girlfriends of any of those who read this ALSO don’t look like this guy.

    As I said, there’s nothing this guy has that porn actor’s don’t. Just flick on GayTube. Actually, if any of you know a FREE gay porn website, then I would really appreciate it.

  • Triple S

    Other than GayTube I mean

  • Phil


    And now I feel skeevy for knowing those off the top of my head.

  • TMikel

    This is more than creepy, it is pointless and only serves to highlight the worst aspects of the LGBT community. So the guy is good looking and has biceps. Big deal.

  • damon459

    This is news worthy? wow this site has gone down the crapper.

  • Terry

    @Alex: @Alex: I love that expression… “bang that like a screen door in a hurricane”! LOVE IT!

  • Aaron


    What is this, a british tabloid?

    But seriously, I feel awful for this guy, being turned into fap material for the whole internet without his consent.

    On the other hand, to quote ‘Alex’, I would bang him like a screen door in a hurricane (fuck, I’m so using that one from now on!). All the people calling him unattractive… that may be your preference, but he doesn’t violate any mainstream standard of beauty, as far as I can see. I think what people like about him so much is that he’s got a very boy-next-door face (and boy-next-door job to boot), but with a chiseled, porn star body.

    Good lord I felt horrible typing that last paragraph. Anonymous sexy ihop water, I do truly apologize for the horrifyingly creepy behavior of myself and others on the internet. You don’t deserve to have your privacy so blatantly violated.

  • Mike UK

    he’s a good looking guy, those who don’t find him attractive must have standards beyond god!

    the creepy thing is this guy is in the wank bank for thousands of guys to knock one out to and he doesn’t even know it or more than likely even want it.


    Wow. Can’t he sue you for this?

  • Lefty

    We know nothing about this guy and who he his or why he’s working there.
    It’s creepy in and of itself distributing his photo, I think, but it’s also deeply inconsiderate and disrespectful – he may well be flattered by the attention, but we don’t know what he’s feelings are.
    I think it’s a bad idea (and I’m not someone who habitually moans at Queerty for being “trashy” or “rude” or whatever – I think that’s a matter of taste and I love this blog and most of the things it’s sometimes criticised for, but this is another matter, I think). :)

  • Adrian Acosta

    how to get people to lose there shit

    1) give a “hot” guy a job waiting tables at iHOP
    2) take a photo of said waiter when he’s not looking
    3) upload photo to the internet
    4) watch people lose their shit over it.

    If the waiter were an up can coming actor and I was his publicist this might be a great way to start his TV or Film career.
    genius marketing.

  • Caliban

    How many of the people who are up in arms over this photo have gone to sites like People Of Walmart, Lurid Digs, or Hot Chicks With Douchebags to make fun of people? That’s somehow better?

  • LOLZ Idiots

    Here’s the thing none of you seem to be grasping: this image is such a Rorschach, saying so much more about ourselves that it ever will about this mysterious beauty and the purported circumstances of his digital capture.

  • Michael

    Give me a break with all this creepy crap… Hmm, let’s see. Someone finds you so attractive that they snap a picture of you and the whole internet goes crazy (I mean, I’m comment 65 so…).

    I, for one, would be flattered. I think it’s the queens that are never found attractive that want to whine and bitch about how creepy this is.

    I, for one, think it’s funny. He’s a cute guy and it’s kinda cool how everyone can’t STFU about this picture.

    btw, who says he’s straight? He seems awfully gay to me.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @JayKay: While I agree with your sentiment about the violation of privacy, etc., its as likely as not that the shot was taken by a high school cheerleader as a gay man. The Santorums and Perrys of the world put enough blame of the world’s ills on us, we don’t need anymore.

  • theo

    1) I don’t understand why people feel the photo is creepy. I think some of the lascivious comments are a bit odd. It’s possible and OK to appreciate someone for their beauty, or their brain, or their creativity, without it being creepy.

    2) If you are in public you are fair game for a photograph. “Members of the public have virtually no privacy rights when they are in public places. Basically, anyone can be photographed without consent except when they have secluded themselves in places where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy such as dressing rooms, restrooms, medical facilities, or inside a private residence. This legal standard applies regardless of the age, sex, or other attributes of the individual.” ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photography_and_the_law#United_States )

    3) I understand that people feel weird. People feel that this is an invasion of privacy. This young man might feel that way if he ever comes across this photo online. He might not. But just because we have a feeling doesn’t mean that feeling makes sense, and it doesn’t mean that it’s appropriate to force (via legislation, guilt, shame, threats, or other mans) other people to conform to an individuals feelings of propriety.

    4) For myself, I think he’s beautiful. I live in Chicago, and the IHop (gayHop) we go to is often populated by some of the most beautiful and interesting people in the city, both staff and customers. I don’t think it’s my gayHop, but it wouldn’t surprise me seeing someone that looks like him working there.

  • Lefty

    @Michael: Why not put a picture of yourself up on the internet, then – not a posed shot that’s selected for optimum vanity but a shot taken of you at work. Then let us all comment on how you look or what you are – then try to imagine what it must be like for someone who HASN’T uploaded a picture of themselves nor consented for one to be uploaded and commented on. The fact you find him “cute” or we may find you “pig ugly” is neither here nor there – grow up, dickhead.

  • Lefty

    I think we should be allowed to upload covert photos of anyone in public spaces that makes our cocks go hard and all go “Loook cyoot maan! Bulgink byceps! ZOMGZ!!” without giving a fuck about the men themselves coz my life is measured in hard-ons and my cock thinks ethics should suck a hard one; it is not illegal and therefore in no way creepy. No way!

    What does wiki say about non-consensual sex with people in public spaces? Coz who cares what the other person actually thinks, right? Cock think he hawt and thats all that matters!

  • Jonathan

    @Michael: Well said!

  • Lefty

    @Jonathan: Well said!

  • Lefty

    Photo of mans!
    Mans in teh publix!
    Mans wiv teh big arm!
    Brane shut down!
    Cock go hard!

    Who was he? Who the fuck cares!?

  • Ryan

    The part where he says it’s being shown on “several gay message boards”…that’s the problem…it’s Queerty relaying stuff on trolly porn boards to the regular readers of their site and in turn we are now associated with a bunch on unidentified “gay message boards”.

    It’s not the first time I’ve felt embarrassed reading this site but it’s the worst so far.

  • BubbasBack

    Y’all, how can this article get so many more comments than all the others? What does that mean in the grand scheme of things? Shucks, down here on the farm we’re scratching our heads. Burp.

  • Evan Mulvihill

    Go comment on some of the political articles, people. Love you!

  • Casey

    So, the real question is — how is it that a brunette is blonde?

  • Avenn

    Excuse me my language, but…

    I fucking hate it how Americans mistake dark-haired men for blond! This is nowhere near blond. This middle-ish brown is more dark than light, and is followed by light brown, and only then comes blond.

  • pierre

    @Avenn: From behind, he’s blond.

  • Franco

    I can’t believe I’m commenting on this!

  • Simon

    Seriously get a life… “I’m so embarrased for this”, “It’s so creepy” relax guys

    Show me a a really fit and muscular guy or a girl with big well-formed breasts who don’t secretly love the attention their bodies give them… He’ll live AND SO WILL MOST OF YOU HERE, EVEN IF YOU ARE NOW ASSOCIATED WITH THIS CREEPY ARTICLE THAT YOU FELT SOOO GOOD CRITIZISING…

    I think he looks nice and its great that some people appreciate when something or someone looks good

  • jdh305

    This “creepy” photo? If it had been a hot woman, noone would say a damn word. You weren’t there so you don’t know if he even Posed and/or knew his pic was taken.

  • WTF you moron

    “several gay message boards”

    i.e., Queerty “writers” are a lazy bunch of latte-slurping queens who are too stupid and lazy to actually find a story, so they troll Datalounge and parasitically steal whatever washes up.

  • Drew

    Triple S-Go to Xtube lots of hot men there and you can find videos and pics of basically any type of pr0n or type of person you want.

  • JayKay


    “If it had been a hot woman, noone would say a damn word.”

    So if a straight guy took a picture of a hot waitress without her consent, then put the picture online so other straight guys could describe all the things they wanted to do to her…Nobody would say a word about that?

    Please…If this were a woman the cries of exploitation and misogyny wouldn’t stop. But he’s a guy, so, “OMG HAWT ARMZ FAPFAPFAP.”

    “You weren’t there so you don’t know if he even Posed and/or knew his pic was taken.”

    Yeah, I’m sure he posed for it. That’s why he isn’t looking at the camera, and why the camera is clearly hidden behind something.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Simon: I love it how creeps always think people should be “flattered” that they’re “appreciated” by creeps.

    Creep logic at its creepiest.

  • J

    When this photo was posted on tap this guy, a man claiming to be this guy (Sal) was quite upset that his photo was up there. He said he was happily married and asked for it to please be taken down. Just something to add to the whole is it creepy debate.

  • alan brickman

    Used to say jealous…but now i can say CREEPY too!

  • Andrew

    @Eric Auerbach: I guess creepy is in the eye of the judgmental. We all notice attractive people. We all like to see attractive people. At one point does it become creepy? Technically this guy was NOT in a public place, because iHop would be private property, but it’s certainly at least semi-public because the public goes there in large numbers. As someone said, it’s not like you’re using a telephoto lens to photograph him through his bedroom window, naked.

    I suppose if this guy, whose name is Sal, asked tapthatguy to take his photo down they should have (they didn’t). Now it’s being reposted on gay sites. He objects to gay guys appreciating his stunning good looks. Oh well, maybe some good will come out of it for him and he’ll become a supermodel and stop asking iHop customers if they want more coffee.

  • JayKay



  • Eric Auerbach

    @Andrew: At what point does it become creepy? I’d say the moment you have to hide the camera so the guy doesn’t notice you’re taking his picture.

    Any other questions?

  • Mrs. Robinson

    It’s like the Mary Tyler Moore show. He seems to have his own Hazel Frederick in the background.

  • Mrs. Robinson

    @Andrew: If the private location is a business open to the public, you can take photographs unless the business has a sign that states photography is not allowed. I owned a restaurant and one of the employees was being stalked by a psycho customer. We posted a “no photography allowed” sign and enforced it. We were able to get the stalker issued a trespass warning when he violated the no photography rule.

  • Lefty

    What about masturbating over him while he’s taking someone else’s order?
    Is that allowed in a public space?
    Even if he doesn’t want you to?
    I mean he *must* want people masturbating over him when he looks like that, right?
    And what’s the big deal anyway???
    It’s *flattering* that someone wants to ejaculate their semen over you while you work!
    Let’s all go to IHOP and collectively knock one out while he’s taking our order.
    Oh man, he’d LOVE THAT!!! >_<

    PS – can someone follow him into the toilet next time and get a surrepticious pic of his cock?

  • jj

    Im guessing he has a criminal record hence the crappy job.

  • Well Played

    @Lefty: Ummm…yeah…the illegal acts you described are totally similar to the legal act of taking his photo in public where he has no reasonable expectation of privacy. Well played.

  • Even better played

    Um … yeah … because as every creep will tell you, if it’s legal, it’s totally not creepy at all.

  • Danny

    Smart marketing for a would-be model/actor. Have your friend snap a setup photo and post it in hopes of getting exposure. Brilliant for IHOP.

  • Lefty

    @Well Played: I hope we get to see a photo of the inside of his refridgerator, while he’s out! [spunks everywhere!]

  • Lefty

    In all seriousness, just because something is illegal doesn’t mean it’s wrong and likewise just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s right – at one time, consensual sex between two men was illegal. I doubt many of us here would have believed it was wrong when it was against the law, much less obeyed the law. The opposite applies: saying something is justified just because it isn’t stictly illegal is pretty shabby.

  • Tackle

    @ Danny: good point but he would have to come forwrd soon (within a week) while this is news. Because with all the things going on in the world and peoples lives, this will die fast.

    But I heard as others pointed out here, that someone alread came forward (but very upset) about his pic being posted and requesting it be taken down. Mabey because the pic is on gay sites?

    On a simular note, there has been models whoes pics have ended up on Queerty in the Morning Goods section and who requested that their pics be taken down.

  • wc1


    You have no expectation of privacy while in public.

  • Lefty

    @wc1: If you’re having a private conversation over a meal in a restaurant and I’m at the next table, is it okay for me to stop eating my meal, put my knife and fork down, turn my chair towards your table for better coverage and start staring at you and listening to your conversation? It may not be illegal but is it right?

  • Michel

    To say he was in a public place is not really correct, yes, the IHOP is a place of Public Accommodation, but it’s certainly NOT the same as standing out on a public street. Would you want someone coming into your job and snapping you at work? Would you walk into your doctor’s office and take a picture of the nurse or receptionist to post on-line?
    Yes he is a very healthy looking and attractive human specimen, but waiting tables is not the same as running for public office or making your career in sports or entertainment where people are expected to purchase some of your product (Athlete, Singer, Actor, Politician, Porn Star) as part of the arrangement for trading some of your privacy.
    If someone came to your job, took pictures of you and then posted them on-line, you would have the right to feel that your privacy had been violated, and in some jurisdictions’ the poster could be charged with stalking.
    Is this the end of the world, probably not, but it is certainly worth the discussion and for Queerty to consider its policies on content – when it comes to non-public figures just doing their jobs.

    Personally I do find him attractive, but I’m not sure I would feel flattered if someone felt the same way about me, and then set-up a camera outside on the public street so they could share their feelings with the rest of the world. Privacy and being in “public” must be judged on one’s reasonable expectations of privacy.

    Is this the end of the world? No. But it is certainly makes for an excellent discussion as society moves more and more into a digitized and pixeled world and how society continues to evolve in gender and sexual identities evolve.

  • Elmwoodmac

    Actually I think the guy in the background with the glasses is smokin’.

    I’d butter his pancakes :)

  • The Ghost of Steve Jobs

    @Andrew: The International House of Pancakes is not an Apple product.

  • Scott

    I’ll bet this guy gets an offer for a better job out of all the hype. Sure he could become an actor or model but he could also become a drug rep. They make great money and sex appeal is mandatory in that business.

  • Gigi

    I take pics like this all the time. Never thought of it as creepy. I’ve also seen guys taking covert pics of me & I’ve been kinda flattered. My bad? Nah!

  • Martin

    @Eric Auerbach: You sad little person. Not knowing how to argue anything you shout nasty little words instead. So sad…

    Of course its not creepy to find someone good-looking, and its never inappropriate. Its not a great idea to share his picture, but he should be flattered, and he probably is, at least secretly.

    You guys on the other hand need to have your heads examined. So much hate for other people and so much passion can only mean you are shit scared of yourselves. If not you’d be relaxed about this. So what is it? You have creep inside your heads? You dream about penises on waiters or friends or co-works. You actually get attracted sometimes???

    I hope you are ugly as shit, so you never experience the creepy thoughts that people might genereously put your way otherwise…

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Martin: If the person should be “flattered,” why did the guy who took this picture do it furtively? Why not be up-front about it? “Hey, you’re a striking-looking man. Mind if I take your picture?” The photographer suspected that what he was doing wouldn’t have likely met with his subject’s approval, and that’s why he did it in secret. And that’s when the whole thing went from “appreciating a man’s beauty” to “just plain creepy.”

  • Patric

    Getting back to the actual topic. He’s been found according to the Facebook page. You can go there for a link to his Facebook profile. This is a link to a Youtube video of him after he won a bodybuilding competition. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIrJkHp7ZOU

  • Martin

    Ah right! and that totally explains why you shout creepy at everyone here??

    Like I said, sharing is not a great idea, but no one needs his permission to take a pic in a public place. Pic is totally innocent too. It’s not like he is compromised, he is even uniform. It doesn’t violate any privacy.

    No you think the guys who like the picture are creepy because they do just that, Like it. you said so.

    Well i guess it was really terribly creepy when your father did creep to your mother. Like when he had totally creepy thoughts about her in school or at work or whereever. She was just going her business and he had no right to be creepy, right?

  • Simon

    @Eric Auerbach: Ah this is so funny. All Mind Police idiots here just diiiig how Mr. Innocent and Violated is showing off his body oiled up for the camera…

    I guess Sal (if that was his name) is maybe just a little bit flattered when people like his body, like I said?

    Or maybe he just oiled up his body because he has such a competitive personality….

  • Simon

    @Patric: THX patric!! This is so fucking hilarious. All the idiots on the high horses moralising about that pic and then watching him half-naked with body oil showing off for the camera…

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Martin: No. I said it became creepy the moment the photographer decided to take the picture even though he clearly knew the guy would’ve probably objected.

    It became creepier when the photographer decided to post online his furtively-obtained picture — in a website specifically designed for people to ogle at strangers’ pictures.

    It became creepier still when the people who encountered this obviously-taken-in-secret photograph chose to ignore that fact and focused instead on how hot they found the guy.

    And it became creepiest of all when those people, when confronted with the creepiness of the whole thing, rationalized the whole thing by saying that the guy should be “flattered” by this, and that — this is my favorite — secretly, he probably is.

    Because nothing is creepier about a creep than his earnest belief that unwanted attention is actually something his victim welcomes.

  • Simon

    @Eric Auerbach: “unwanted attention is actually something his victim welcomes”

    Check out the video idiot!

    If guys who worked out a lot didnt want attention they would hide their bodies in a potato sack, but somehow they never do. They show it off in tight low jeans and t-shirts. They dont wear loose t-shirts on the beach, do they? Its because they WANT people to notice. They like the attention and of course they should…

    But I guess you must have a body which is best hidden since it’s so naturally your assumption that everyone wants no attention…

  • Guy who agrees with other guy

    @Simon: Nah, dude. Not gonna check out the video. A bodybuilding competition? Yeah, he *chose* to take part and that, and *knew* he would be filmed.

    This photo was taken *in secret* and posted online *without his knowledge.*

    You guys do understand that is what the whole argument is about, right? If you don’t get that, then we might as well be speaking different languages.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Simon: Nah, dude. Not gonna check out the video. A bodybuilding competition? Yeah, he *chose* to take part and that, and *knew* he would be filmed.
    This photo was taken *in secret* and posted online *without his knowledge.*
    You guys do understand that is what the whole argument is about, right? If you don’t get that, then we might as well be speaking different languages.

  • Triple S

    I saw the video and he seems like the usual air headed body builder. He’s probably quite nice in character (I take that how he was speaking), and I personally find naturally coloured people preferable to whatever he had on. But I’ve seen so much of the same, people like him have lost the novelty. After seeing so many guys like him on the internet (I hope my mum doesn’t see this; bad teenager) they’re just pieces of attractive meat to me. If porn went the other way and developed the actors’ personality it would probably be better.

  • JayKay

    Let’s say I was straight and a rape fetishist.

    I decide to start a website called RapeThatBitch.com, or something to that effect.

    I go around taking pictures of random attractive women in public places. I don’t ask for their permission or tell them that I’m taking the pictures. They should be flattered and appreciate the attention. I then upload those pictures on my site and describe in graphic detail everything I would do while raping them. The other rape fetishists commenting on my site would do the same. Sometimes they might even go through the effort of tracking down the womens’ Facebook profiles and posting their names and locations on the site.

    This would be perfectly legal, so it’s not creepy you can’t object. And really they would be asking for it anyway, I mean if they don’t want to be on my site they shouldn’t leave the house.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @JayKay: But JayKay, they’re *attractive* women. Some of them have been in beauty pageants or have modeled for magazines. So clearly they *love* being appreciated in public for their looks.

    And besides, they should feel flattered. When you post their pictures on RapeThatBitch.com, it means you find them attractive.

    And yeah, some of them *say* they don’t like it. But c’mon. Secretly, they do.

  • Dirty Ole Man

    From my age that guy is hot..any more pictures please?

  • TyTy

    oh my goodness what IHOP does he work at? lol

  • Mike

    Personally if Sal did not want his photo posted to “TapThatGuy.com,” and asked for it to be removed, and it hasn’t been, I would start a lawsuit with the company behind the website and demand the identity of the person who posted it.

  • redball

    @Phil: wow u have got some issues–and i, too, for studiously jotting down all those sites you just listed.

  • Triple S

    @redball: I tried ’em out, but I could really only find that either GayTube or ones you have to pay for are the best. What is with that? Paying for porn? GayTube is free and offers some of the best stuff, and some of these other ones cost weekly/monthly subscriptions! But if another site puts other site’s stuff on there, then you can watch it. Usually it’s great. BoyCrush is another good one, but it requires to bloody pay. I wasn’t impressed when I saw: “Credit card…”

  • Martin

    @JayKay: Let say that you sound sick in the head, because that fantasy was dreamed by you mate!

    And yeah all this innuendo about being flattered “in secret”. I guess you guys are just always so up front with everything. You have never had a private thought that you didnt immediately share with everyone. So thinking one thing and saying something else is a brand new concept for you.

    Peoples thoughts can be inferred from their actions – not their speech. So if you doll yourself up as woman and get breast implants its probably because you’d like to be noticed.

    People wear masks in public to look sociable and nice. Its called their Persona. I’d say listening to your prudish personas is getting tiresome. You obviously have issues with yourselves since maintaining these silly little moralistic values of yours is soo important – even to the extent of wanting to ram them down the throat of everyone else. There is of course big insecurity behind the mask when desire must be kept down like that. Pity i cant be there when the facade cracks…

  • Lefty

    @Martin: “Peoples thoughts can be inferred from their actions – not their speech. So if you doll yourself up as woman and get breast implants its probably because you’d like to be noticed.”

    Sorry, you do realise this is the “S/he was dressed in a provocative way so s/he was asking for it” line of defense, right?

  • Lefty

    “Peoples thoughts can be inferred from their actions – not their speech.”

    “She’s saying “No!” but she’s wearing a low-cut top, so she *must* actually want my weiner!!”


  • D P

    @J: — Evan, who?

  • Tim

    @Martin: If you doll yourself up as a woman and get breast implants, you may just be desperate to keep your husband/boyfriend—I’ve certainly known my share of those. Or get one in the first place. Or even just so you’re not the homely one who gets ignored and left alone when you go out with your girlfriends, if they’ll even let you with that mousy hair and that flat chest.

    Because people are peer pressure assholes like that. Half the world hits everybody over the head with the way you’ve got to look or act and what you’ve got to wear and how you’ve got to look in it, be it a black burqa or a metallic pink bikini, and the other half the world buys into it to some degree or another—and so the cycle continues. (Actually, 70% of the world gets by on less than $10 a day, and 30% of America wears what they got at Walgreens and is bulging out of it in all the wrong places, but you feel me.)

    Some of them even—gasp—want to be attractive. Attractive in the sense of having people notice them and give them an approving look or a smile (studies show that at all ages, even teachers’ interaction with grade schoolers, where there is no sexual element, the better-looking you are the better you get treated), not attractive in the sense of wanting to draw people who’ll take not merely notice, but take liberties, snapping surreptitious photos, of them, and posting them publicly for some group of people you weren’t really aiming for (shepherds, bug collectors, Newt Gingrich supporters) and then proceeding to write up past 130 posts about what you’d do to them like what part of a farmhouse and how you had every right to.

    Look, I got a sense of humor about this and I’m not losing any sleep, but I can’t believe that some people think there is no such thing as privacy (surreptitious photos of someone at their non-entertainment-field job are creepy whether it’s a telephoto lens or a hidden cameraphone, I can’t believe someone saw there being a distinction as to how far away the creep you don’t notice is standing), or that what’s legal according to Wikipedia’s guidelines on non-free content trumps the consideration people ought to have for one another even when one or the other is purdy.

    Lost in the shuffle back up in here was someone mentioning that a man claiming to be Sal posted that he wasn’t happy with the big gay appreciation Tumblr or whatever the start of all this was, saying he was straight and married, and would they please take it down. Odd how only one other guy up in here actually responded to the wishes of the person in question in this discussion, again, like he’s given up his voice and his actual feelings about it and is really and truly just a piece of meat for a quick fap and/or a long hypothetical discussion.

    Now that I see he’s got flames tattooed on his torso like he’s a 1981 Pontiac, and is standing there on TV in a well-filled string bikini in a physique contest, I’m not so worried that guys or women would discuss and judge their appreciation of his body based on that appearance, as that was what that one of a total of three limited appearances in five years was for. But that doesn’t change the fact that taking a surreptitious shot of someone—including Pontiac boy—at his innocuous job and basing all of this on that is still creepy. And it is victimization if the guy is capping off his win in this one by—wait for it—taking some time off to start a family, and then he writes in asking them to take down the page dedicated to his iHop shot and they ignore him.

    You can argue he deserves your victimization because he had some compulsion to work out like a beast (breast implants) and did three small-time local contests (dolled himself up three times in his life), so he’s forever fodder for your wet dreams, but you can’t argue it’s not victimization when you’re consciously completely disregarding his wishes as relevant to the conversation.

  • Dionte Love

    I bet ihop doesn’t mind, there recruiting more of these as we speak.

  • Dirty Ole Man

    @Auerbach…get a life! I stare at guys all day long. don’t you?
    @Martin +1*2

    I just discovered a new website, tapthatguy.com, thanks to this entry on Queerty..

    whahoo..eye candy is right

  • Martin

    @Lefty: If you cant read or just dont know the difference between being N O T I C E D or being raped then you need help from some one else.

    Attributing absurd views to other people and then deriding those people for their absurd views is not argumentative skill, it is simply contemptible and sign of poor mental ability. Why not take JayKay hand and go ask for your school money back??

  • Martin

    @Tim: Im glad that at least some people can see that people who take the trouble to look good do so for a reason. And here its difficult to overlook that he likes to be noticed for his body as he actually puts on a show half naked.
    It is in fact quite difficult to see how he is harmed or how his privacy is invaded as we can see what he shows the world every day on his job. What people say in comment reflects on them, not on him as is evident to all…

    I have already said that posting his image is not a great idea, mostly because he might be embarrassed, and thats not nice to do to people.

    BUT it is quite human to NOTICE attractive fellow human beings, and even the overweight often dress their best because deep down it is far better to be noticed than to be seen through. It is even human to want to take a good look and if stealing a quick shot discreetly is possible it might be nicer than staring.
    If he feels bad because GUYS look at him then i don’t feel sorry for him, because i don’t condone homophobia.

    If we want mental health to improve then we must acknowledge basic human behavior as natural. Satisfaction of bodily needs will never look like virtue, but if we condemn it as vice then we say hello to depression and alcoholism in the long run because we dry out the sources that give our life vitality.

    The most vocal opponents of bodily needs and a liberal view on sexuality usually have serious issues with themselves like the homophobic preacher who had hired a rent boy to “carry his suitcase” on holiday.

  • Martin

    And yes! I’m always prepared to take the field in support if liberal views on sexuality, infer from it what you like LOL

  • gay boy feminist

    @lewis: at least you don’t have to deal with some misogynistic asshole.

  • Zeus

    He’s probably SO stupid.

  • Shannon1981

    I am usually one of the ones defending this site when people criticize it, but this is really over the line. Whoever took this photo in the first place is creepy as hell, nevermind the perpetuation of said creepy behavior all over the internet. In fact, is this even legal? Nobody even knows who this guy is, and I highly doubt he appreciates being wank material to countless people on the internet without his consent.

  • Lefty

    @Martin: Making a clear distinction between what people say and what people do (how they dress) is pretty clear cut, dear. Especially in light of the fact the man himself has apparently said he isn’t happy with this photo doing the rounds.
    Your ridiculous defense is that we should ignore what he says and just judge him by the fact he takes care in how he looks – ergo, he’s begging for it, really.
    That’s pretty pathetic, Martin.

  • Kele

    @Lefty: I’d post a pic of myself at work but it’d not be safe for work, or for anyone’s sanity :P I hate how I look in photographs, even professionally done ones (my skin is pale and with my weight I always look like a white blob).

    I don’t think taking the pic or even sharing it online is what’s creepy. The only creepy part is the ones who take a pic of a guy fully clothed in a public setting and use it as masturbation material. Sorry but while he is kinda cute (a bit too muscled for my tastes) unless I get a pic of him stripped totally naked it’s nothing but another pretty boy to look at, not fapping material. But then I never used a sears underwear catalog for fantasy material as a kid either (I just stole the gay porn mags from my mother’s dresser).

  • Marcus

    I love some of these comments. Some of you are wound REALLY tight.

  • Adrien

    I wouldn’t care so much that some one took my picture in private… So long as they didn’t POST IT ON THE INTERNET AND MAKE ME GO VIRAL! WTF!?

  • andrew

    LOL cookie cutter blonde and blue and people are all over this?

  • Sweetnovember

    @JayKay: totally agree with you. What happend to people privacy or rights?

  • Eric

    “No. 140 · Marcus
    I love some of these comments. Some of you are wound REALLY tight.”

    My sentiments exactly.

    In response to everyone hating on the funny pic post – did you click on it just to hate on it? Did you see “Is This Blonde Hunk With Bulging Biceps The Sexiest IHOP Waiter Ever?” and click the story because you thought it was going to be a story about current events!?!

    I’m not going to lie – I’ve posted pictures of hot guys (and girls) on FB before that I’ve seen on the subway. And I may or may not have posted a craigslist missed connection or two in my time.

    Lighten up people – or don’t click it. ;)

  • coreyandrew

    I’d definitely ask for a side of breakfast sausage from this guy.

  • Luther Hendricks

    Blonde? You guys must be in Colorado and smoking some of that good stuff.

  • Arthur Sanchez

    Rach Marie Marissa Sanchez wanna go to IHOP?

  • David Berry

    I bet he’s not eating any of IHOP’s food!

  • Kirk Montrealer

    “wasting his life away” ???? ….as long as he likes what he is going…WHO CARES what his job his..He is working..Let it go.

  • Jon Andrews

    I’m going to IHOP….

  • Patrick Sean

    Hmm that’s giving a whole new meaning of “coming in and leaving happy” ….IHOP ???

  • Hector Pagan

    Damn wat a sexy waiter Id luv for him to serve me food!!???????????

  • Jay Smith

    Yes at least he has a job! I waited tables and tended bar for 25 years and I loved every minute of it and I didn’t think I wasting my time!

  • David Berry

    There’s an IHOP in Chicago’s Boyztown gay neighborhood affectionately known as Gayhop. All the servers wear this logo on a tshirt.

  • Jeremy Bloom

    Maybe this is why your mom goes to IHop so much! Robert A Hubbard

  • Sam Oropeza

    Was that you snapping pix at IHOP Joji Jojo?

  • maizon

    He is from ihop in merrillville indiana I Used to work With him!

  • Carlos Mejia

    I bet he gets very nice tips, LOL.

  • Carlos Martinez

    probably done by his gf or bf or friend and post it and see if it goes viral like the target guy who got internet fame for his target pic and went on ellen and i think go some kind of modeling contract.. well i think this pic was staged to see if he can get internet fame and maybe a model to get out of being a waiter

  • Johan de Aguas

    More diverse beauty! You racists

  • Cesar Fortun

    Oh My Greek God!!!
    Are you from Mount Olympus?!

  • Daniel Barton

    Don’t know what is going on but I have no video

  • Nelson Kaiowá

    It´s NOT OKAY to scatter a pic on the internet when you took it without permission. Queerty why are you doing it as well? Why didn´t the person who took it just talk to him? Whenever I catch someone taking pics that way, they won´t be happy with me. What´s the matter with people? Filming instead of helping, taking pics like this AND show them to the world? Fucked up. Just bloody fucked up.

  • Iron Black

    Teresa Deep Gill, well I’ll just ask you haha

  • Kraig Fiero

    Krista I thought I was lol

  • Terry Purdue

    He’s cute, should be a model

  • Jerry Mitchell

    He has a much better future, than as a waiter at IHOP

  • Bob Rimac

    IHOP’s food and service sucks balls. And I don’t mean in a good way.

  • Valdemar Machado

    He’s cute but he doesn’t have a beard and I’m sure there’s cuter

  • Will Moor

    @JayKay: while I agree that its weird that gay men are fawning over him and acting like his fans (I am kind of embarrassed) what possessed you to use the word “queens” to describe gay men, pray tell?

  • Louis

    I’ve made mistakes of staring at guys in public I find attractive …I don’t do that now.

    I have social anxiety disorder and feel very uncomfortable when people stare at me so I feel bad for these men I’ve learned from my past and present mistakes in that regard.

    Yes many who don’t like us looking are anti gay but it’s worse when the guys we know to be gay friendly feel like we have violated their space or privacy.

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