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Is This Going to Be The Gay Summer of Love?


It’s been heating up here at the Queertydome this week, and while we only occasionally get to poke our bleary-eyed head out into the real world, we started to wonder what the hell we’re going to do with ourselves this summer. With change in the air when it comes to gay rights and a new liberal president in the White House, the summer of 2009 could well be the chance for Americans of all stripes to finally blow off the collected steam of eight years of Rovian oppression. We asked some random celebrities what their plans are for the summer, but what we really want to know is what you’re gonna do with your moment in the sun.

Here’s what our nation’s celebrity class has to say to Queerty about our totally made-up Summer of Love:


“I’m in fashion and I’m sort of a jeans and t-shirt guy…especially in this economy stick with basics. If you’re going to buy something in this economy, buy something you can get a lot of mileage out of.” —Jack Mackenroth, on summer fashion tips


“I wanna retire and start moto GP racing. I’m little, I’m fearless, I’m incredibly coordinated.” —Model and actor Jenny Shimizu, on what she’s doing this summer


“I spend my entire life in the media eye and have everybody poke into my life, so I’m going to leave him out of it.” —Clay Aiken, on spending time with his son this summer


“We’re going to have drunch.” —Devyn and Baya from Real World: Brooklyn, trying to make the word for “drunk brunch” cool.


“Right now I’m re-reading a book, an amazing book, called Once Upon a Distant War, and I’m reading F. Scott Fitzgerald again.” —Sometimes cop and Carrie’s big squeeze Chris Noth on his summer literary goals.

But enough of the celebs, what we want to know is what your plans are for the summer. Where are you going? What’s the best way to have fun and economize at the same time? Is anyone planning a big party? How do we score an invite? And is Summer 2009 about the Speedo or the squarecut? We always get it wrong!

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  • Lucky Luke

    Since I live in Brazil, my summer just ended… I eneded up working wll the time, but got a new boyfrined, so it went very well.

  • Geoff

    Always had a crush on Chris Noth…..even now. Let the summer begin…now I have to mow the lawn which, sadly, is not a euphamism for anything.

  • Oaklander

    For me, it will be the summer of reasonable fitness! it’s doesn’t cost much to get more walks and hikes in, and it will do me a lot of good to skip a few bar parties.

  • Motard

    I’m guessing by the lack of responses:

    1) Everyone is desparate and single, per usual

    2) Everyone is happily coupled awaiting their jurisdiction to legally approve gay marriage

    This is going to be more like the Summer-That’s-Like-One-of-Those-Boring-Parties-Where-Everyone’s-a-Bottom

  • Maharajah

    This is seriously going to be the-worst-summer-on-record:

    1). With the reality of Global Warming becoming a dauntingly challenging task that we must now face, how are we going to ‘stay green’ during a summer of (‘to-be’) record-breaking heat? In Florida, sadly, we are expecting a very active Hurricane season. Now, couple a vengeful Mother Earth, with a severely depressed economy – and all you are left with is massive fear. In the years past, we could always rebuild if a Hurricane came knocking, now – we can’t afford to rebuild with eco-friendly products, and the ‘basics’ are not cheap either.

    2). This horrendous economy is going to keep more and more of us at home. Where we would dedicate time off from work and hop on a jet to a get away – too many of us are afraid of loosing our jobs. In this economy – we, as gay men, are a target. I live in a state where we, as gay men, can be fired due to our sexual orientation. I can not afford the time off (both financially, and as a matter of job security).

    3). There are quite a few things that we, as a community, need to worry about this summer (that will be of much more pressing importance, than vacations). Future gay-right battles are quickly approaching. Our projects (especially not-for-profit organizations) are severely at risk.

    How can we turn these thing around?

    – Instead of making it a summer of making out, let us try the things that would make us happier:
    – Skip fancy dinners with new dates – meet new guys at HRC rallies, or events.
    – Skip the trip to Baja – rediscover California (by taking day trips, or visiting as many art museums as you can in a city).
    – VOLUNTEER! Instead of spending weekends trying to escape, try to reach out and help. There are so many causes, that can use more than funding – but a pair of steady hands and a great mind.

    Gosh Queerty, think of the little guys!!!

  • Tweek

    This is going to be the summer when I teach my boo to swim so we can actually get in the pool and play around together! Definitely feels like a swimsuit summer.

    BTW, sorry, but I gotta plug Skmpeez swimwear ( I modeled for them at a Rochester, NY Pride fundraiser event. Their stuff is so hot – I can’t wait to wear it this summer!

  • HeteroDefenseLeague

    Is that all you can think of is multiple anonymous partner homosexual sex?!

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