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Is This Kelli Carpenter’s Girl Friend? Or Girlfriend?


OH SNAP — Now that it’s public knowledge Rosie O’Donnell and Kelli Carpenter have split — and have been living apart for at least two years — it’s probably no big deal that Kelli has, uh, moved on to other ladies. Here she is with an unidentified gal “on a date” at The Abbey in West Hollywood, tips off a reader, and you know it’s romantic because LOOK HOW CLOSE THEY ARE SITTING. Us? We’ve got no idea if the two are a pair or Kelli just didn’t want to sit on the crack of the cushion. But one thing we do know? It’s Monday morning and those half-drained mimosas are looking damn good.

UPDATE: An informed reader tells us that brunette is Shannon Wentworth, owner of the lesbian travel company Sweet. Also at the table is Nat Garcia, upcoming star of’s web series.