Is this Matt Drudge’s Way of Telling the World, “I Live on the D.L.”?

When those wacky conservatives take a gay panic holiday, they simply transition back to their original (favorite) panic–race!

The most recent example of this is Mississippi Governor Halley Barbour’s refusal to denounce Confederate license plates (and you thought the Civil War was over!)

“I don’t go around denouncing people,” Barbour was quoted as saying this past February in Peter Beinart’s column in the Daily Beast, defending his decision to issue a plate to former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Now pork pie hat fashion plate Matt Drudge, has taken the baton from Barbour, and gone full-throttle with early summer race baiting. Gawker reports,  “the Drudge Report … has conveniently rounded up a slew of run-of-the-mill summer crime stories that happen to involve black people and suggestively weaved them into a nationwide race riot.”

If you don’t know about Matt Drudge, he’s the (former) closet case who stoked the 90’s Clinton-Lewinsky blue-dress-with-spunk-&-pizza scandal. We were reminded of Drudge and his awkward-yet-gay past while reading a New York Magazine profile of David Brock. He was another closeted Republican who famously came out, apologized to Clinton, and according to Gawker:

…wrote in his memoir Blinded by the Right about a “scary” date in which Drudge, after bringing Brock flowers and navigating the Santa Monica gay strip “like a pro,” stepped on a competing suitor’s foot “really hard” (in Drudge’s purported words) in a nightclub to scare him away from Brock.

He also reproduced an overly blunt email in which Drudge wrote, “Laura [Ingraham] spreading stuff about you and me being fuck buddies. I should be so lucky.”

We should be so lucky that Drudge would have been given a liberal education about the consequences of associating people of color with general criminality while quivering in his awkward closet. But no — now, somehow, he’s a king maker.

Dude, don’t fall on your scepter: that rod hurts!