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Is This Proof The Vatican Specifically Told Churches To Cover Up Pedophile Priests?

Is a 1997 letter from the Vatican to Ireland’s church officials — which insists Catholic leaders there should not cooperate with state authorities on child molestation allegations — the “smoking gun” needed to show the Catholic Church worked to cover up the sins of pedophile priests? The letter, signed by Pope John Paul II’s then-diplomat to Ireland, Archbishop Luciano Storero, instructs Irish bishops to “meticulously” follow canon law, which demands such matters be handled internally by the church. And all along, particularly when dealing with American scandals, the Vatican has been claiming it never told its network of churches to refuse to work with government investigators. Huh. Says Colm O’Gorman, director of the Irish chapter of human rights watchdog Amnesty International: “The letter is of huge international significance, because it shows that the Vatican’s intention is to prevent reporting of abuse to criminal authorities. And if that instruction applied here, it applied everywhere.” We’ve said it before: Pope Benedict XVI Is The Leader of the World’s Largest Pedophilia Ring. If it weren’t for a nearly naked man on a cross, these people would be locked up.

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  • justiceontherocks

    All to protect church property: in the finest christian tradition.

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  • Charlie

    Hmmm seems like Catholic Church continues to remain ill-suited to the task of telling people how to live moral lives.

  • David

    Hopefully this will lead to some of the catholic hierarchy being jailed. Hiding and protecting criminals is regarded as conspiracy to commit crime. Jail these bishops and catholic bigwigs. And sue the ass off the church.

  • divkid

    i’m forever grateful to the catholic church in one respect: it gave me my first homosexual experience, as it was the first time i ever felt lust towards a man; and boy did that guy have wood!
    (nailed to him.)

    … i pray there’s no god, or i’m probably going to hell for that right there.

  • GetBalance

    Sexual molestation is a felony crime in the U.S. Aiding and abbeding a known criminal felon is also a criminal felony offense. By legal definition all involved should be tried on felony criminal charges. However, extraditing a flaming fashion queen from the throne of the Vatican isn’t so easy. ( and who says that queens don’t rule ) Favorite hiding place? Where else . . . the wardrobe room.

  • Atheism like homophobia is a prejudice

    @divkid: Typical anti-Christian mockery, sadly this is what I have come to expect from this site.You atheists fell free to mock God and those who serve him but like the creatures of darkness you are, you can’t stand the light of truth.How can the GLBT community ever expect to be respected by others when it can’t show others the same respect in return. You can know Christ as your Lord or as your Judge: which will it be?I weep for the eternity you will all be forced to endure!

  • tallest

    lol this guy ^

    he thinks atheism is anything other than a refusal to be hoodwinked by religious bullshit

  • justiceontherocks

    @ Atheist – you seriously want people to show respect for pedophiles??? To quote Abraham Lincoln (a good man even though he never joined a church): “Sometimes it is better to remain silent and have people suspect you are ignorant than to speak and remove all doubt.”

  • GetBalance

    @Justice. I know. Sometimes we have to stick that one toe in the pool. Be ready form a full on epistle. ;)

    PS on another note, how’s my spelling doing?

  • McMike

    @Atheism like homophobia is a prejudice: Wait a f’n second. I’m a firm believer in God but the Vatican is NOT God. The soon-to-be Patron Saint of Pedophilia covered up sexual abuse and allowed it to thrive and fester.

    Don’t sit there behind your faith and God and act as if the molestation Pope John Paul allowed to happen is somehow excusable because they proclaim they’re God’s spokesmen.

    What the Pope did has absolutely f’n nothing to do with someone’s faith.

  • GetBalance

    @Justice. Shit I see a mispell. I really looked this one ^ over too! I give up. :)

  • justiceontherocks

    @ Getbalance. my frind, ewe spel good. I am sewer Cassandra is at here compeweter now.

    I never read posts more than 10 lines, no matter how earth-numbingly dumb or funny they are. That rule interferes with my relationship with Cassandra.

  • Nate

    @Atheism like homophobia is a prejudice:
    Did you know at o e point I actually thought you were intelligent?
    Now I see that you are just an ignorant person using big words.

  • divkid

    @Atheism like homophobia is a prejudice: im not an atheist but agnostic, as i find your kind, or any kind of certainty on this issue scary.

    i agree, there is far too much casual mockery of peoples deeply held beliefs for my taste too. but why should my taste account for anything. we’re adults, its good to hear opposing views in the market place of ideas. or do you want to shut down debate like a taliban. or maybe you want genteel scholarly theological debate — well this is not that site. your interests would be better served elsewhere. and anyhow as long as the big mans got you in his corner, and you’r ever (too) willing to defend him —
    we’re helping you earn your martyr wings!

    besides which, after millennia of persecuction. this is trivial stuff in comparison. get a grip!

    i only spoke to my experience : seeing jesus on the cross *was* my first intimation of same sex attraction.( all be it i tried to inject a little humour, figuring if there was a god she would have a sense of humour. no?) the fact is i genuinely did, and do find many depictions of jesus beautiful, erotic and yes even moving. i would aver such depictions far from unintentional. or have you imbibed so much christian anti-body hatred alongside its lack of humour that you are beyond “salvation”?

  • Nate

    @Atheism like homophobia is a prejudice:
    And another thing sir/mam (I don’t know)…
    Just because somone dislikes the pope and refers to him as somone who condems pedophilia does not mean they are anti Christian, it could be that the are Protestant like myself and think the pope is a bullshit position due to the fact that according to the bible many have spoken with god, and it is the popes position to be the only person to speak to god, yes?
    There for most Protestants that I know consider the catholic church to be a mockery. This does not mean we hate god nor Jesus, it means we simply are not catholic.

  • GetBalance

    @Justice —- I hear u about the ten lines or less, but do tell, was putting the mispelled word sewer and Cassandra next to each other intentional or Freudian? Either way t’was a hoot when I read it.

    @Nate —- I must say there little brother, you have a way of cutting to the chase. Your comment was comically brilliant. Keep ’em coming. :)

  • Nate

    I hope that will shut Casandra up…probably not :(
    I will, oh and I realized there is another Nate on queerty…so beware
    &&& I am also sorry for the many notifications you probably got on another thread due to me having to split up your reply into 5 ( I think ) pieces ;-)

  • divkid

    @Nate : No 18. nate you’re not doing yourself any favours either. your position ends up looking like mere opportunistic sectarian bigotry.

    i guess “god” is on your team instead?

    jeez im glad im outa all this shit!

  • Nate

    No I’m not saying god is on my team, I’m saying mr/ms atheist is wrong about people on queerty anti-Christian, some of us may be Protestant, either way what the catholic church did is wrong and she/he just does not have the balls to admit it, I have stated my opinion. You are free to make your own.
    By the way your arguing with a sixteen year old.

  • divkid

    he’s not wrong they are disproportionately anti-christian (or anti-theist) opinions here and im glad of it. but im happy you have a voice here too.

    but your broad attack on the catholic church is wrong by which i mean inaccurate; the pope is not the catholic church (although im sure he and those around him would see it otherwise)
    there are a lot of left wing socially progressive catholics who you are denigrating with your statement. which is fair enough if thats your intention.

    “By the way you’re arguing with a sixteen year old”.lol. what the fuck. thats so lame. relevance? (unless you’re trying to drum up business from any errant vatican prelate who happens to be lurking on the site!)

  • B

    No. 4 · David wrote, “Hopefully this will lead to some of the catholic hierarchy being jailed. Hiding and protecting criminals is regarded as conspiracy to commit crime. Jail these bishops and catholic bigwigs. And sue the ass off the church.”

    My guess is that they’ll blame someone who is now dead or out of the country and who was supposed to be the contact person for notifying the police.

    They probably won’t try, “I was just following orders”, given that it might bring back memories of the current pope’s teenage years, when that excuse was used by all sorts of people who should have known better. It didn’t work then. Hopefully it wouldn’t work now.

  • Nate

    Why do you say left wing socially progressive Catholics?
    And I don’t dislike Catholics, some of my close friends are catholic. I just dislike the catholic church due to it’s corruptness. (is that a word?)
    And I’m saying that I’m sixteen to you because most likely your much older than me and you should know that if you think I’m some ignorant douche who will not try to look at the situation with a different point of view, I am simply young and have not had as much time as you to decide what I think politically as well as religiously.

  • William

    Nate, I agree with you completely and you most certainly are not some ignorant douche. Young or old you have ever right to speak your mind. I agree and applaud you.

  • Nate

    Well, thank you

    I appreciate that you think I’m not an ignorant douche ;-)

  • justiceontherocks

    @ William – agree with you completely. Nate’s comment #16 is as good as I’ve read on this blog. Really nailed it.

  • Nate

    Thank you again :D
    And I think he might have also been referring to the #18 comment, which I did not intend to offend Catholics, just the catholic church, so sorry to you mr.justice and anyone who might think I’m a jerk

  • divkid

    @Nate: you said the “catholic church” which is technically *all* catholics represented in that body. but i think you meant the catholic hierarchy or establishment, and if so then i would agree with your criticism.

    left wing socially progressive meaning their against everything these vatican types are for ie pro gay marriage , anti-celebate priests and even want female priests. so are therefore are allies. and its unhelpful to alienate friends.

    btw hope that didn’t come off as harsh about your age. what i wished i’d said is: so what your sixteen you’ve demonstrated your more than capable of holding your own. coz really if you imagine age confers any intellectual superiority, then queerty is the place to be disabused of that notion!

    carry on dude you’re doing just fine.

  • Nate

    I already replied to this, so let’s try this again and hope it renders…
    Yes that is what I mean the hierarchy not the catholic church sorry.
    Yes, okay then I don’t mean harm to the lovely left wingers
    Infact I don’t mean harm to Catholics, I just dislike the hierarchy, that’s all
    You didn’t come off as harsh don’t worry about it ;-)
    I don’t completely think age means your smarter, but I do think it makes you wiser and possibly bitter jkjk
    Thank you :)

  • mish

    I hope that you all have had a good time bashing each others beliefs and opinions. The issue here is that the Holy Roman and Apostolic Catholic Church has, according to the report, committed a crime by its failure to comply with local laws regarding the reporting and handling of pedophiles. On one hand the church has committed itself to cooperation with local authorities, and on the other, has worked to obstruct the local authorities’ investigation. If this were any other group, it would, at least, lose its status as a tax free charitable organization. Over 100 years ago, the Vatican was called upon to change its ways and use its wealth and power to serve the welfare of mankind. Unfortunately, the Vatican chose to ignore that message and it was soon thereafter that Pope Pius IX declare himself infallible. Almighty God has long abandoned the Christian Churches, and is raising a new race of men to carry forward an ever-advancing civilization, who will show their love of God by serving mankind.

  • wannabegay2

    How about the authorities arrest the Pope? What are the Interpol, the Italian police, Amnesty International doing? Arrest him, he is clearly a criminal!

  • declanto

    @Nate: Ms/Mr Atheist= Cassandra, a notorious poster in defense of GODALMIGHTY,JESUSCHRISTSONOFGODKINGOFISREAL,Zeus,Moloch,Allah,Odin,Manitou,et.al.
    This person who goes by many names believes that homosexuals should pretend they’re not oppressed, vilified, hounded to death, stoned, dragged to bloody death behind pickuptrucks, ad nauseum by righteous persons who quote the words of their Gods while committing these atrocities on me and my fellow mos. I confess, I feel churlish to keep poking at her/him with my poor verbal skills.
    He/she has issues she/he dare not face, the fear of being wrong about the existence/nonexistence of a deity being foremost in her/his fevered mind.
    Bright young persons such as yourself is where the future lies. Good fortune with your life.

  • Bob

    Pope John Paul II; the man they want to make a saint….laughable!

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