Go East Young Man

Is This Series The SoCal Answer to “Looking”?

You might know Kit (Mad Men) Williamson’s gay web series Eastsiders from seeing it on Logo. The show’s second season debuts today on demand and has been getting quite the raves — including a racy one from Entertainment Weekly that calls it “f***ing amazing.” Williamson is the writer, director and star of the show (about a Los Angeles couple played by Williamson and out gay soap star Van Hansis — that’s them above looking considerably more dolled-up than they do in the show).

This sophomore season has them opening up their relationship after having previously broken up last season over an infidelity. The show also includes an ensemble of other queer characters and storylines including one featuring Willam Belli (Southern Baptist Sissies) as an aspiring drag queen and another featuring Williamson’s real-life fiance John Halbach. Check out the moving series preview trailer above which plays a bit like the SoCal answer to the NorCal, Looking.