Is This the Beginning of Gay Marriage In Minnesota? Or Lip Service?

On Monday, for the first time in Minnesota’s history, the House Civil Justice Committee will hear about three LGBT equality bills that would grant recognition to gay couples statewide. “The Marriage and Family Protection Act would make marriages in Minnesota gender neutral, a civil unions bill is also being proposed and another bill would recognize same-sex marriage performed in states where it is legal, such as neighboring Iowa.” Of course, some folks believe this is just a way for lawmakers to pretend they care about the issue: “But not everyone in in the LGBT community pleased about the hearing. Citizen activist Doug Benson who secured legislative support for the Marriage and Family Protection Act said called it a “show hearing” because there will be no vote taken on the bills so they won’t advance out of committee. ‘There won’t be a vote on our bill because one of the bill’s likely yes votes left the committee for reasons I am not aware of,’ he said. ‘It’s basically a show hearing to shut us up.'” [The Column]

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