Is This The Grand Return Of XY Magazine?

Last summer, with Peter Ian Cummings, the owner of twink mag XY, in bankruptcy, the magazine’s mailing list (undoubtedly filled with underage and closeted names and addresses, and the old men who loved them) was expected to be sold to the highest bidder at auction. Thankfully that didn’t happen, and XY‘s database was reportedly destroyed. But now comes word that XY is going to live once again.

Rising from the ashes of 2007 when it was shuttered, the XY name is making a return, according to “a small group of former staff members,” who emailed us to say they are “overjoyed to announce the return of the only national glossy magazine for young gay men. XY published stories by gay teens along with survival guides, coming out stories, lusty fashion shoots, and listings on local support groups for teens across the States. We’re bringing it back for those who loved its bold, honest stories and photos all those years ago. We’re bringing it back for a new generation who will be exposed to the same surprises and pulse-racing content that made XY legendary.”

Indeed, checking reveals a short update from Jan. 3 — the first new update since November 2008 — from Kevin Alonzo, Greg Frederick, and Eric Bogs. The Facebook page is active. There are calls for contributors.

It’s unclear how a spattering of former editors have scored the XY trademark, brand name, and website from bankruptcy court (did it come cheap?), but make no mistake, XY is under new management and no longer affiliated with Cummings nor his old company. (That’s why your XY subscriptions won’t be valid.) And I’m not sure how realistic it is to think they can resume running a print magazine in this climate. (Maybe by selling and using the proceeds for start up costs?) According to their FAQ, “We are hoping to have XY50 ready for readers in 2011,” so don’t count ’em out yet.

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