Is This the Smoking Gun That Exposes the LDS Church Trying to Hide Its Involvement in Prop 8?


We love ourselves some smoking guns, and at today’s Perry trial, it appears there is one that links the Mormon Church to the fight to pass Prop 8. As if you thought it was just a fairytale made up by radical homosexual activists.

“Emails and letters sent back and forth between the Prop 8 campaign and Catholic, LDS, and Evangelical churches” were at the center of a debate today between Judge Walker and the attorneys for both sides, over which could be admitted as evidence. But whether they make it into the case or not, the letters are becoming public evidence, thanks to the Courage Campaign highlighting them — including one from LDS that read: “With respect to Prop. 8 campaign, key talking points will come from campaign, but cautious, strategic, not to take the lead so as to provide plausible deniability or respectable distance so as not to show that church is directly involved.”

We love phrases like “plausible deniability,” especially when used in documents that show there is no plausible deniability available.

The documents also reveal how involved the Mormon Church was in going door-to-door; some 20,000 volunteers targeted very zip code in California. Interesting, because thus far LDS has only acknowledged some $20k in donated legal services, and just $2k donated to the “Yes On 8” campaign directly.

If the documents are entered into evidence, it means attorneys will be able to use them in front of the Supreme Court, which is where Perry is inevitably headed. And right there, in front of the justices, will be evidence that the campaign was indeed rooted in religious-based discrimination, not some noble attempt to protect families.s

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