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Is This Video The Start Of Discrediting Eddie Long’s Accusers Anthony Flagg + Maurice Robinson?

Uploaded to YouTube just two days after the initial sexual abuse allegations against Atlanta pastor Eddie Long, this video — depicting original complainants Anthony Flagg and Maurice Murray Robinson — could just be the beginning of a campaign to discredit the accusers.

While Flagg and Robinson’s attorney B.J. Bernstein insisted to local media the part “don’t party, stay out all night or smoke dope,” bystanders might assume otherwise after watching this clip, where they chat about getting high and going after women (“That’s his girl, I make her wetter”), with the N-word laced throughout.

“We’re talking about young men who spend their Sundays all day at church,” Bernstein has said of her clients, who were joined by fellow twentysomethings Jamal Parris and Spencer LeGrande in claiming Long abused his spiritual power to begin sexual relationships with them.

The video, which was shot in a classroom although it’s unclear when, was uploaded Sept. 23 by Kimora Cochran — who on her website describes her history as having been “crowned Miss Black Michigan USA, dappled in modeling, gracing book covers and billboards, but my first love, hands down, has been the U.S justice system.” The description reads: “On September 21 Anthony Flagg and another gentleman by the name of Maurice Robinson Accused Mega church leader Bishop Eddie Long of sexual Coercion. In this video, sent over and found by Imnotjaded.com shows another side of Anthony Flagg… a side that suggest he’s not gay at all or was this before he came out of the closet?? Maurice is also in the video. The two were friends in high school Hmmmm…”

And while the video, by no means, has any bearing on whether their allegations against Long are true, keep in mind Long has a multi-million dollar vehicle behind his reputation. So while he hasn’t denied the allegations against him, he has promised to fight the the charges. Whether it’s in court or in public remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, photos of Long and some of his LongFellow Academy youth have popped up on the website HipHopBlog — in the very private office where some of Long’s accusers say he took advantage of them. And in light of recent events, of course they look creepy now.


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