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Is Top Gear Anti-Gay for Insisting on Gender Neutral Audiences?


First the queens are almost kicked out of The Wendy Williams Show. And now some homos are saying Britain’s Top Gear considered them too gay for their audience.

Or rather, too male. Audience member hopeful Simon Reeves says he and his partner were denied tickets to the show, leading to obvious calls of discrimination. The BBC show, however, says it requires ticket requests to be made in groups of up to four with even gender splits, meaning two women and two men. Do the math, and that could mean one gay male couple, and one lesbian lady couple.

It’s an effort to keep the audience gender neutral, which is, in fact, an admirable move for the BBC to make, especially with a show like Top Gear, whose audiences might naturally skew widely male, given the show’s topic (machines that move!). And it’s one we’ll support.

Meanwhile, how homophobic can this show be when they’re giving free plugs for the iPhone’s gay cruising app Grindr?