Is X-Men Director Bryan Singer Dating A Pot-Smoking Sean Cody Model?

According to sources, 46-year-old X-Men and Superman Returns director Bryan Singer is dating Jess, a top from with a big crank and a bigger marijuana leaf tattooed on his left flank.

If they’re actually an item, they might wanna double date with Calvin Klein and his ex-Sean Cody model boy toy, Nick Gruber.

Source: Queer Me Now (NSFW)

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  • AN

    No, WeHo Confidential already said they were jk three months ago.

  • Zack

    Good for him.

  • timncguy

    jk? jk?? What’s that? jk rowling, author of Harry Potter?

  • JoeyB

    So typical. Rather than date someone closer to his age and professional background. Again, this feeds the stereotype that we’re only interested in pretty young things and in porn. Or maybe it is not a stereotype after all.

  • wc1

    I thought all SC models were straight.

  • Andy

    Hey if I were rich and famous and flying around on private jets I’d date models and porn stars too.

  • Riker

    @JoeyB: So you would rather he date a clone of himself? Some of us like to date people who aren’t necessarily similar to ourselves, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you think it isn’t socially acceptable or whatever, and that we should honestly care what your opinion is, then you can go fuck yourself.

  • Cam

    Hey, he gave that kid the part in the first X-Man movie after some sex in the hot tub at a party so he definitely seems the type to date some kid from porn.

  • Daine

    He isn’t that handsome, but if Bryan Singer likes him, more power to him.

  • ranbo

    I Think He’s Ugly

  • phallus

    @Riker: That’s a little harsh don’t you think? @ranbo, if you think he’s ugly, shows us a picture of what you think is handsome and good luck getting that.

  • Torrie

    @ranbo Fucking ugly ass troll! You WISH you were as good looking and cute as Jess.

  • Lefty

    @Riker: Well said. Good for him, I say. Jess is CUTE!

  • EdWoody

    I always assumed Jess was one of the straight ones. I mean, he seemed to have a good time doing what he was doing, but I’m sure he went home to a girl at the end of the day. Of course, there’s nothing to say this couldn’t be another gay-for-pay sugar-daddy situation. I’m not judging. If you can afford it, go for it.

  • Bryan

    I’ve watched the SC vids with Jess and anyone saying he’s UGLY had better be the most facially flawless person on earth or stfu. He was one of SC’s few really good performers as you could always feel he was a 100% into the sex. His pic is on the log in page for the site.

    Though his profile says he’s straight(had a gf when the vid was shot) and mentions nothing about bisexuality, though he did say he’ll try anything once. Still slightly confusing.

  • andy

    Yeah, I don’t like it when older people with money and power feed off of the young. It happens in both the straight and gay communities and is equally gross in both cases. Hugh Hefner is an example and I guess Bryan Singer is another.

  • Little Kiwi

    old white men with money will always be surrounded by young pretty things with NO money.

  • macmantoo

    I’m an old white man and I have a guy 25 yrs younger than me and I haven’t got a pot to piss in. So I guess he loves me for me. Geeze that’s a new concept.

  • j

    @macmantoo: Here here. Some of us like an older guy. Usually a lot less of the bs that’s coming from this lot in regards to age. If you’re both adults, it really is just. a. number!

  • Riker

    @phallus: It is harsh, but it needs to be. I can’t stand that people want other people to ignore love (or lust) because the other person may not be socially appropriate.

  • kylew

    So fucking what about an age difference? Jeez, we’re fighting stupid outdated impositions of morality as it is. The last thing we need is to start dictating what age gap is appropriate for other people amongst ourselves. If he was 90 and the kid was 18, I’d say good luck to them, for whatever reason they are together. It’s just nobody else’s business, and I’m pretty disappointed that this site is even bothering to report on this piece.

  • Little Kiwi

    if “age is just a number” then perhaps one day Singer will date a guy 40 years older than him. unless, of course, age is not “just a number” and is indeed a specific fetish, in which case he may just continue to keep young’uns around.

    but yeah. i’m totally sure that these two are together because of the profound and deep bond they share and their unique insights into the world and art :D

    and they both enjoy soup.

  • Riker

    @Little Kiwi: What business is it of yours who he dates?

    I’m 22 and i’m generally attracted to guys older than I am, around 25 to 35. But if he likes them younger, then who the fuck can say it isn’t appropriate, or it is exploitation, or whatever?

  • Little Kiwi

    yup. and any guy over 35 who wants to date you is looking for a younger guy he can control by telling you what you want to hear. you know, how “mature you are for your age” and other bullshit.

    don’t believe me? talk to me again in 8 years, kiddo.

  • Riker

    @Little Kiwi: Gee, I didn’t realize you had spoken to every single gay man over 35. Of COURSE there are people who want to take advantage. I’ve seen enough of them, and know to stay away. Doesn’t mean the idea of a mature guy who has his life together is any less appealing.

  • Little Kiwi

    i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again – relationships that exist despite and age difference can work out. relationships that exist BECAUSE OF an age difference are almost always doomed to fail.

    “Doesn’t mean the idea of a mature guy who has his life together is any less appealing.” yes. to a younger guy. and a mature who has his life together who also has his SHIT together will not be on the hunt for a younger guy who’s yet to experience life. some may disagree. they can talk to me in a few years, too ;-)

  • Vilainous


    How does this make Singer any different from any other Hollywood multimillionaire middle aged guy? LOL! Michael Douglas is how much older than Catherine Zeta Jones? Woody Allen married his step daughter (whom helped to raise)!

    Rich older guys going for younger, blonder models is classic Hollywood. Did you never see the movie the “First Wives Club”?

    Why should we expect a gay guy to not be as shallow as his peers?

  • Bee

    Let’s be HONEST with ourselves here. It’s HOLLYWOOD and it’s a relationship between a successful gay director and a PORN star whose profile says he has/had a gf.

    What are the chances this is actually a real, loving relationship? $10 says it’s not.

    Now before anyone crucifies me, I’m not saying a younger-older man relationship or successful-less successful guy relationship can never be built on the basis of love, but looking at the circumstances in THIS case- Hollywood, gay for pay pornstar etc. Permit me if I think this is nothing more than a sugar daddy thing.

  • Marc

    I’m so sick of hearing/seeing comments in regard to sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships as it though it is a dark and predatory relationship that is THE example of exploitation. I’m not even saying this one (Bryan and Jess) is definitely one; but if it is so what? Why are some people so unhappy and insecure that they have to tear down someone else’s life choice or relationships; especially when it is truly hurting no one.

    What level of exploitation is going on here? I don’t care if Bryan Singer were as old and similar in looks as Mickey Rooney; I don’t see a problem with this. These are two adults who have made the decision to be together; no matter the terms or arrangement driving that union. One may be getting a super hot boy toy and the other a mega-rich older guy. Who cares? I hate to generalize, but the vast majority of guys, old and young, who typically have a problem with this are bitter queens who think that somehow this removes one of the said people out of their “dating pool,” and act as if the older or younger guy has somehow been stolen from them and this type of relationship is somehow to blame for them being single or not getting laid. Newsflash, if they’re dating “that” guy, you were never in their dating pool. Could this relationship be attacked as superficial or materialistic? You bet. But so can a lot of “acceptable” relationships. How about when two smokin hot guys get together? Or two upwardly mobile and complementary professionals date? When was the last time a guy walked in the room and you said “Wow! Look at that guy’s personality in those jeans!” Move on folks. We’ve got bigger fish to fry.

  • ranbo

    kichigai Torrie gross die

  • ranbo

    thick [bushy] eyebrows
    don’t like joker smile

  • R.A,

    I’m so old Bryan Singer looks like chicken.

  • Kevin

    @Little Kiwi: And snow peas. And talking and not talking. They could talk or not talk for hours, and still find things to not talk about :)

  • vixlad

    @wc1: not really. They are just to present themselves in that fashion. They say it makes porn sites more lucrative.

  • Sarcasm

    Wait…aren’t Sean Cody models “straight”? bwhaha

  • Aiden

    I think anyone who’s says he’s not cute is blind, that being said he looks like every other guy in porn so it’s hard to really get worked up about him.

  • prohomo

    They’re BOTH cute. Are you guys blind?!

  • andy

    Thanks CAM for the youtube link. SO FUNNY.

  • IzzyLuna


  • Art

    Age difference us one thing … This just has a gross factor to it… this rich middle age guy ; just seem predatory with this porn barely legal kid…. And such a sad clichè….Not to mention that Singer had an unhealthy affinity for young meat …. Let’s just say it play a part on him not directing X-MEN 3.

  • JoeyB

    @Vilainous: As far as I know none of the women you mentioned are porn stars. That’s the difference. Because remember: it does get better.

  • Timmeeeyyy!!!

    You don’t need an age difference to be in an exploitive relationship, and it’s not always the older guy exploiting the younger one.

    But just like Calvin Klein’s relationship, I’m calling this one exactly what it is — none of our business.

  • Bob

    Is it possible there are still gays who want to have sex with men who aren’t exact replicas of themselves and whom they DON’T intend to marry and raise children with. This must be stamped out! Otherwise how can we ever expect the straight world to accept us.

  • Doughosier

    Oh please, Bryan Singer is lucky that his wealth and fame give him the option to date younger, beautiful guys. Anyone who thinks that’s wrong is probably jealous. No one thinks it’s bad when two hot guys are together, probably only for shallow reasons. Money and fame compensate for a lack of beauty and always have so why is that shallow?

  • FunMe

    He looks good-looking … yeah sure. But a guy with a big one but boring in bed. Something about that porn “star” looks so Cody general public. Next!

  • FunMe

    @macmantoo: Nice try! aka LIE. ;-)

  • Bee Gaga

    Its so funny all older straight white celebs always end up with a lil model on they arm and all older gay white celebs always end up with a lil porn actor no their’s

  • Bee Gaga

    @Bee: Come on boo half of those boys on seancody and like brokestraightboys might really be gay-for-pay but the other half are just playing “straight” because that’s what gay men (generallY) like, ms jess prolly said she had a girlfriend but that was prolly a lie, she looks like a queen just saying lol

  • Aaron

    Interestingly, just in the last week Jess produced a bareback porn scene on Sean Cody. So if he IS dating Bryan Singer, I hope this is something they are discussing honestly. It’s probably more likely that they hooked up once or twice and were seen together. Most of those Sean Cody “models” are also escorts.

  • KittyKittyMeow

    Wait. Calvin Klein is gay!?

  • RH

    Bryan Singer has never forgiven Kevin Spacey for sleeping with his 20-year old French boyfriend during the filming of “The Usual Suspects.”

  • kipster

    @Andy: I’m rich, and I have a plane, and I’m perfectly happy with my 41-year-old boyfriend (I’m 36). He’s sweet, smart, funny and sexy, and I don’t need some vapid 20-year-old to make me feel young while adding NOTHING else to my life.

  • BritAus

    CAM that’s my favourite scene from Best In Show.
    Thanks ;-)

    ps aren’t Marc Jacobs and George Michael going out with porn models?

  • Kasnar

    @JoeyBSo are only straight men allowed to lust after pretty young things?

  • mz.sam

    @wc1: Straight, yeah right! That’s what all the SC models say ‘in front of the camera’. LOL!!!

  • stevearies40

    @wc1: No… not all of Sean Cody models are straight…. some are bi and some are gay.

    I think Jess IS straight though…. yes, he does really get into the sex on camera, but wee all know that don’t really mean anything.

  • SocalStudFinder

    I can answer this question, as I am the person who “discovered” Jess (not his real name, of course) for SeanCody. I met “Jess” about 4 years ago while he was riding his bicycle in San Diego. He ended up coming back to my place where I convinced him to let me photograph him and got him in to meet with SC. SC almost passed on “Jess” due to his controversial tattoo (apparently, all tattoos are taboo for SC).

    Anyway, I can tell you that “Jess” had a girlfriend at the time that he was completely in love with. She knew about “Jess” doing gay porn shoots, and she supported his decision, but the entire time, “Jess” proclaimed his heterosexuality. So, odds of him dating Bryan Singer are slim to none, perhaps he “entertained” Bryan for compensation, but I can tell you that as much as “Jess” likes having his big tool serviced, he plays for the other team, unfortunately…

  • willji

    @JoeyB: 46 IS young..

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