Is Your Beard Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat? The Debate Rages On

Cue the hysteria. Men’s beards are filthier than toilet seats. At least according to a new study released by some mysterious lab in New Mexico.

Late last week, researchers decided to ruin the weekends of everyone on SCRUFF and GROWLr by testing the beards of random dudes on the street. They swabbed the men’s beards then took the samples back to their lab, where they soon discovered the majority of the beards were “riddled with poop particles.”

The study concluded that men’s face blankets are as “dirty as toilets,” housing the same kinds of germs found in feces. If that’s not bad enough, “these are the things that cause urinary tract infections,” says one of the scientists.

From his beard to your urinary tract. Lovely.

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That was the story until this week, when Nick Evershed, a reporter at the U.K. The Guardian, did some sleuthing and concluded that “the study” appears to be a crock of shit. (No pun intended.)

“As far as I can tell there was no proper study, no team of microbiologists and no poo in beards,” Evershed wrote. “The origin of the story appears to be this segment from a TV news network in New Mexico.”

He continued: “Even if this was a properly conducted scientific study with a large number of samples and published in a reputable journal, there wouldn’t necessarily be any cause for concern. Human skin is home to great diversity of microbes, and it’s not unheard of for types of bacteria normally found in the gut, such as E. coli, to be also found on the skin.”

To be clear, Evershed isn’t saying you should relax because there isn’t poop in your beard. He’s saying you should relax because there is poop all over your skin.

Have a great day!

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