Is Your Congressman Upset Over FRC Being Called a Hate Group?

If you live in Ohio’s 8th congressional district, then yes! Incoming House Speaker John Boehner is among the elected officials adding his name to the Family Research Council’s “Stop Hating, Start Debating” online petition, which wants to turn the tables on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s branding of FRC — along with the American Family Association, Family Research Institute, and the Traditional Values Coalition — to its new list of hate groups. Also joining the fight: South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint, Oklahoma’s Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe, and governor folk like Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee and Tim Pawlenty. Because when Tony Perkins no likely something, social conservative politicians must also no likey it. (And yes, Bishop Harry Jackson — this guy — is on the petition too.)

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  • Kev C

    “The surest sign one is losing a debate is to resort to character assassination. The Southern Poverty Law Center, a liberal fundraising machine..”

    How to fail in two short sentences.

  • McMike

    These hate groups, with their slogans “stop hating, start debating”, are just too dense and clueless to realize the massive amount of irony they’re dishing out.

  • Michael

    I understand that Christian fundamentalists don’t live in a world of logic and rational thought, but how can they have “Stop hating” in their tag line when that is the entire reason for their existence?

    “Some on the Left have even impugned the Manhattan Declaration–which upholds the sanctity of life, the value of traditional marriage and the fundamental right of religious freedom–as an “anti-gay” document and have forced its removal from general communications networks.

    This is intolerance pure and simple.”

    Guys, I can’t.

  • justiceontherocks

    They are the Ku Kluxers of today. Read the old KKK propaganda, take out “nigger” and “Jew” and insert “homosexual.”

    Happy Christmas to everyone at Queerty.

    On the first day of Christams Santa to Tony Perkins of FRC
    A frontal lo-bo-to-my.

  • Qjersey

    What’s to debate? You interpret your bible in ways that condemn us and then use your religious based moral indictment of us to deny LGBT folks same civil rights afforded everyone else. There is no debate.

    FRC and the others were called out by the SLPC as a hate groups “for spreading lies”

  • greenmanTN

    The SPLC’s decision to list the Family Research Council as a hate-group has nothing to do with their interpretation of the Bible or their opposition to gay rights. It was based purely on the fact that they deliberately lie about, defame, and insult gay people at every opportunity, to an extent that goes far beyond rationality or mere opposition into unbridled hate. One of the primary uses of such distorted propaganda and rhetoric is fund-raising, so they “sell” their lies to the public in order to make money

    A perfect example of this is when an FRC-associated group in Florida, the FL Family Policy Council, sent out a fund-raising bulletin about a lesbian couple who were allowed to adopt a child. (One of the women was related to the boy, which is how they were able to adopt in spite of FL’s anti-gay adoption laws at the time.) The photo used to illustrate their end-of-the-world rhetoric was NOT of the actual couple adopting the child but of a “scary” (in their minds, anyway), rather butch lesbian couple with mullet haircuts. The real couple who were adopting looked like they should be on the cover of a Land’s End or LL Bean catalog. All issues of “looksism” or classism aside, it was a deliberate attempt to mis-represent the facts of the case to turn people against the lesbian couple, to lie about them. When they were called on their use of that photo, the FFPC claimed it was a “mistake,” that the wrong photo was “accidentally” used. Yeah, right. Apparently groups like the FFPC and the FRC have no problem with “bearing false witness” when it comes to gays and lesbians because that type of “accident” happens all the time. Coincidentally I’m sure, every one of those “mistakes” seems to favor and support the FRC worldview and rhetoric.

    So yeah, it’s the FRC’s hateful rhetoric and deliberate lies that got them named as a hate-group, not their religious beliefs, and that should be made clear to anyone who sign that petition.

  • McMike

    @GreenmanTN: I went to your URL and it’s astonishing the lies these hate groups spout out. Their “explanation” as to the wrong picture being used was an even bigger lie since they tried to say it was about a previous adoption case and that case involved a gay man.

  • Casey

    James Inhofe is gay. He has a horrible case of gayface.

  • ewe

    Tony Perkins has a smelly crusty asshole.

  • Barry Wingarden

    @Kev C: Enjooy your hatred. It sobvioous you also hate Obama – prob a republican from the bible belt that still relishes slavery , the kkk and segregation.

    Perkins is a closeted self hating gay. Its as simple as that.

    And his sidekick Spriggs is , but never tells, that he is an ordained baptist minister. The people who gave us slavery, segregation and the kKK.

    Which dirtbags like you worship.

    Were fighting the wrong war on terrorism.

  • Steve

    @Barry Wingarden: Uh… you DO realize that KevC was pointing out the incredible irony, and therefore stupidity, of the FRC… right? Please say that you’re post was sarcastic in some way.

  • Barry Wingarden

    @Michael: You do not have the right to impose your religion on others. BTW, that was what 9/11 was about – the taliban etc would love us if we all became islamic.

    And you also murder with your words 3000 gay kids every year. That is a 9/11 every single year in the name of your god. I wonder what your punishment will be when you get to the pearly gates – prob joining your minsiter or priest, good company for you, roasting for eternity.

    though we should all understand that “burning in hell:” is a construct created by the catholic church, when it in the middle ages burned perhaps half a million women at the stake to bullwark the male domination of the church heirarchy.

    Nice people huH. They btw gave the world the hatred of Jews, which Hitler, born and NOT YET EXCOMMUNCIATED, leveraged to gain power and 55 million died.

    The church’s “life campaign” rings hollow and is nothing but a smoke screen to cover their endless mass murders ove3r the ages.

    Their election of the germna born and brought up RATZInger pope, who in 2009 UNexcommunciated a bishop williamson who is a holocaust denier, shows what he is. A monster, according to a good catholic friend, who needs his neck stretched.

  • Barry Wingarden

    @Steve: It was kind of confusing. I apollogize if necessary.

    I’ve seen Spriggs talk at the MD legistlature. The hatred is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

  • Barry Wingarden


    I think it was during the French revolution when some author said

    Mankind will be free only when the last king is strangled with the guts of the last priest.

    Given that FRC’s Peter Spriggs is a southern baptist minister, and Perkins is the king of hate, I think the needed solution is obvious. May Allah make it so. They also of course hate Muslims.

    Like the nut case in FL who wanted to make friends and influence people by burning the Koran. Of course he also hates gays. He was also a minister of hate in a german church. He got thrown out of the ocuntry under their hate speech laws, which we also need.

    May Allah visit pastor Jones also, I think his church is in the gainsville area. He also ran the hate campaign against the gay mayor of Gainesville. who won the election. I was involved in helping him, made about 200 GOTV calls for him. He won by 42 votes> Maybe I actually made the difference, wwhen 2 days before the election I was inspired to call the election committee and offer to help.

    BTW, I was involved in 5 campaigns in one way or another. Won 4 of them, all the candidates were gay. Lost the one election where the candidate was str8.

    If I sound liKe I’m bragging, thats not it. I”m simply saying that we all need to get involved. financially and as a volunteer worker.

  • Paul in Canada

    Canada has hate speech laws. It keeps these asshats in line, reasonably well.

  • Jim Hlavac

    Aw & ah, I like to call them delusional rather than hateful. For surely they have no chance to re-criminalize us –and less chance to export us. And zero chance to stomp us back into the closet or something. I like to think that Perkins, Sprigg, Fischer and the rest marvel at our fortitude. They must surely sit back and wonder — “How do these fags keep winning the debate?” and it’s corollary “How do we keep losing?”

    And I see Bobby Jindal on the list — my fair governor — he thus seems to be oblivious that New Orleans, due to Katrina, jumped way ahead in being among the gayest cities. All the fairies came back, and so many others did not, that the city must be 1/3 gay or more now. It’s quite charming to see.

    Oh well, these culture warriors are like Lee at Gettysburg — looked like a good idea — but it lead to Appomattox. Oh well, when it’s all over what will these groups do for a living? Perhaps we can hire them to clean up the offices of the vast Homosexual Lobby.

    Keep up the Merry!

  • Daez

    @Paul in Canada: I would rather see free speech under the American definition. These people have every right to say what they are saying. Others have the right to ignore them or listen to them or condemn them. That is the beauty that is free speech.

    Besides, when these morons send out their hatred it just makes future generations realize how insane they really are and pretty much everyone under 40 at this point is rather gay friendly and the older crowd that are truly homophobic will die soon.

  • Tyler

    THIS is WHY we NEED to give money to GetEQUAL. They are leading the way and they’ve only been around for one year. HRC has had 30 years and they suck. Help Robin beat the crap out of Obama and the Congress.

    Donate now. Get Generous. Get Equal.

  • Jeffree

    @Tyler: Please say hi to AndrewW from all of us. He/(you) sure are obsessed with GetEqual. And use the same expressions over and over. Please read my upcoming article on “How to be a better activist and sockpuppet” over on Kos. It will be authored by either JustinActivist or JasonActivist, of course.

  • Tyler

    @Jeffree: Wtf? Dude, grow up. It is about activism and getEQUAL knows what they’re doing. That’s why I gave them my rent money.

    I don’t know what’s up your ass, but it should be clear to everyone that the QUEERS are going to win this battle. You can sit on your fat ass and type, but GetEqual is in the streets fighting. Are you to cheap to pay for your equality?

  • Kevin

    @Tyler: We shouldn’t be paying activists. That totally misses the point. We need real people fighting for us.

  • Daez

    @Tyler: You can go ahead and give them your rent money. Its not like you should be giving it to your landlord after all. When he bounces your ass out of your apartment because you decided not to pay your rent, please enjoy your cardboard box.

    Note: Its not that I’m against donating money to activist organizations, its just that I detest people that don’t pay their own living expenses.


    Does Tony Perkins ever have a thought that doesn’t somehow include the Gays in it??? Damm, talk about obsessed………

    Whats the old ditty? Me thinks the bitter old queen doeth protest waaaaaaay too much?? :p

    @Jeffree: Hey stranger, Happy Holidays………

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