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Isaac Mizrahi officially doesn’t give AF anymore: “I’m learning to love the ugly, horrible photographs of myself”

I used to see pictures of myself and go, “UGH!” But now I go, “Alright, you’re not [supermodel] Veruschka, but you’re somebody else and not everyone can be Veruschka, right?”

I’m learning to love the ugly, horrible photographs of myself. It takes such a long time for us to learn to look in the mirror and not go, “What the f*ck?!”

I have come to this place where I actually like the haters. I don’t mind the haters. It used to freak me out. I would freak out for days if somebody said [something negative], but now I kind of like it because I think, “Well, I never really set out to please everybody.”

If you have some people saying you’re too fat or whatever, let them. Let them hate on me, because that only makes me more interesting.

Isaac Mizrahi speaking to Page Six on learning to love how he looks and to not be so emotionally impacted by others.