ISIS Wants To Throw Gay People Off The Leaning Tower Of “Pizza”

Screen shot 2015-02-23 at 9.20.40 AMHomosexual foodies, take heed. Islamic State militants are threatening to overrun Rome and throw you from the top of the “Leaning Tower of Pizza.”

On Sunday, ISIS sent out two tweets that were intended to sound scary, but failed miserably:

“#We_Are_Coming_O_Rome, we will conquer & establish the justice of #shariah. We will use your leaning tower of pizza to throw off homosexual,” the first tweet read.

“#We_Are_Coming_O_Rome with slaughter,” said the second.

Evidently, the terrorist group’s social media intern doesn’t have access to a map or he would have known the tower is actually 200 miles outside of the Italian capital. Then again, if he was looking for the city of “Pizza,” not even a map could have helped him.

Italians took the threats with stride, offering the terrorists restaurant recommendations and warning them about traffic.

“Tomorrow is strike of public transport,” one person wrote. “Good luck.”

“Hey just a tip,” another person said, “don’t come in train, it’s every time late!”

Others responded by suggesting their favorite gelato flavors.

Just to be on the safe side, Italian security officials have approved plans to deploy nearly 5,000 soldiers on the country’s streets and around “sensitive sites” to prevent potential terrorist attacks.

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