The Promised Land

Israel Continues Its Courtship Of The Gays. Would You Like To Be Its Unofficial Ambassador?

Call it birthright for gays. The Israeli government is continuing its campaign of looking progressive by courting the LGBT community as unofficial ambassadors.

According to the AP, Spokesperson Gal Ilan of the Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs ministry said “the goal was to highlight Israel’s diversity” and that “when people think about Israel, the gay community is often overlooked.”

Our sister site certainly hasn’t forgotten about Israel, particularly the gay mecca of Tel Aviv, which we nominated for Best LGBT-Friendly City of 2011.

For some reason, we’re not enough good press for them, and they’re looking for unofficial envoys to speak about Israel positively, which leaves us with a few questions:

  1. Will the gays be compensated for this lip service? We’d like an all-expenses-paid bar mitzvah at Club Med please.
  2. Is this just a PR ploy to make Israel look like a progressive diamond in the Middle Eastern rough while downplaying the Palestinian issue, as we previously considered?
  3. Do Israeli men prefer unshaven rugged guys like themselves or do they want, like, hairless European twinks?