Israel Says Goodbye To Dancing With The Stars‘ First Same-Sex Pairing

It was fun while it lasted: Israel’s same-sex dancing partners Gili Shem Tov (the married lesbian sportscaster) and Dorit Milman (her professional partner) were voted off the country’s Dancing With The Stars, thus becoming the first gay pairing of the TV franchise to appear, and disappear.

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  • Tom

    Great job, horrible dancing!

  • jason

    I never did like them. And I’m not fully convinced that they’re lesbians. Their appearance, their mannerisms – they seem like they were put up to this by some sleazy straight guy using a phony “lets be inclusive” excuse when in fact it’s just a sop to the sleazy straight guy fantasy for girl-girl action.

    In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if both of them have boyfriends. They sort of remind me of those fake lesbians from that Russian music duo called TATU. Both of these “lesbians” apparently had boyfriends on the side,and their act was one giant attention-seeking stunt that appealed to the raincoat crowd.

    Shame on you, girls, for trivializing our GLBT rights movement.

  • DR

    jason, please just shut up. *rolls eyes* We all know Israel is more socially progressive when it comes to GLB issues (not sure about T), and your constant anti-woman andti-lesbian barrage is tedious and old. We get it, you wanna see two guys dancing. Check the advocate or gay.com, they did a special on it last year.

  • Steve

    No one ever claimed that they were both lesbians. Gili Shem Tov (on the right I think) is gay. The other one is straight.

  • jason

    Israel is not as socially progressive as you think. Like America, gay and bisexual men are marginalized and segregated. If you’re a “hot-looking lesbian”, you’re far more accepted into the mainstream than any gay or bisexual male.

    Face it – modern social mores are based on the sleazy straight guy fantasy. This is what social liberalism has produced: segregation of gay and bisexual men, acceptance of “hot-looking lesbians”. The acceptance is phony – it’s a phony acceptance based on titillation.

    This is why liberalism is coming to a screeching halt. The whole philosophy of liberalism is built on the pillar of the sleazy straight guy fantasy. Women are also to blame due to the fact that they go along with it.

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