IsraelI AG Stands Strong Against Homophobes

Only four days until what will undoubtedly be an explosive gay pride in Jerusalem. In case you haven’t been following, religious leaders from both sides of the contentious Jew/Muslim spiritual divide have came out against the march, calling for violence to detract the sinful celebration. In a recent development, according to Time Magazine a Jewish extremist group has offered a $500 reward to anyone who kills a homo during Friday’s march. Nice, huh?
The announcement comes as Jerusalem finally simmers after last week’s riots, during which hundreds of Hebrew homo-haters burned trash, broke windows and wreaked general havoc. In addition, three people were stabbed by a particularly zealous follower.

Despite this violence, Attorney General Menachem Mazuz (pictured) refuses to give in to mounting threats of violence and murder. As reported in 365 Gay, Mazuz says, “Giving in to threats is in itself a threat to democracy, and therefore not holding the parade is unthinkable.”

Good for you, Mazuz, although the Supreme Court’s will hear two cases today pressing for the march’s ban due to violence. Hopefully they’ll follow the Attorney General’s lead on this one.

(Also, in the aforementioned Time article, Tim McGirk takes a deeper look at the ways in which Jews and Muslims have come together to fight the sinister gays. Definitely worth a read. That is, if you care about such things.)