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Israeli Army Not Amused By Occupying Soldiers’ ‘Tick Tock’ Routine

A half dozen Israeli military troops patrolling Hebron, the second largest West Bank city and home to 160,000 Palestinians (and 600 Israeli settlers), used their monopoly on accessing this break into a Ke$ha dance routine. “This was a joke by the soldiers and the matter is currently being investigated by the battalion commanders,” says an Israeli military statement. But the disgust shouldn’t be aimed at bored soldiers breaking rank to dance. It should be aimed at their terrible choreography. Weak!

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  • gayhaifa

    Israeli soldiers on security patrols in the 40° C heat in the West Bank are no different from American soldiers in Iraq — they get bored too sometimes. Here’s an Israeli counterpart to the U. S. Marines in Afghanistan remaking Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”:

  • Vito

    The captions in this are ridiculous. If the Palestinians want peace, they wouldn’t elect terrorist like Hamas (i.e. Gaza.)

  • gayhaifa

    @Vito:@Vito: That’s because the Queerty editors for some reason chose a version with an anti-Israel caption. The original video had the following caption:
    I don’t know why Queerty is so biased against Israel; Israel has the most LGBT-friendly military in the world. Every year the Israel Defense Forces conducts very aggressive recruitment efforts in the LGBT community and is always very well represented at pride events in Israel. Unlike the U. S., Israel doesn’t have the luxury of being able to discriminate against LGBT individuals; the IDF needs every man and woman it can get, and gay and lesbian soldiers serve with pride all throughout the IDF including elite combat units.

  • Ryan


    How on Earth was Queerty being ‘biased’? They stated that the West Bank is occupied land, which it is. It’s a fact that even Israel acknowledges. It’s a story that had nothingto do with politics, stop being such a whiny cry baby. Seriously.

  • FanOfThat

    Gayhaifa : Part of it is that David Hauslaib has a big hangup with his own Jewishness. But that’s just part of it.

  • whatever

    They’ve committed worse atrocities than that dancing.

  • Jack E. Jett

    israel is soooo far out of line.

    killing innocent men women and children and then spraying them with white phosphorus.

    american has got to stop kissing the ass of this terrorist nation.

  • Lanjier

    They need to dance right out of occupied lands.

  • Kieran

    Atleast the Nazis in Occupied Europe had the decency NOT to dance while they oppressed people.

  • Paschal

    Just because Israel is fairly pro-gay doesn’t mean it has a licence to commit human rights abuses. Would people commenting on Queerty defend the Nazis if Germany had an excellent gay rights record? (I know that’s an extreme theoretical. The situation in relation to Israel is nowhere near as but extreme theoretical events make making points easier.) It’d terrible to argue that simply because we’re treatded well in Israel, Israel can abuse the human rights of others. Hamas are terrorist bastards (and there are other terrorist Palestinian organisations) but that doesn’t excuse certain actions made by the Israeli military. Both Palestinians and Israelis (and of course Lebanses) have acted wrongly. They both deserve criticism.

    People turn to extremists and terrorists when they feel that they have nowhere else to turn. The exact same thing happened in Northen Ireland. The Provisional IRA grew hugely in popularity after British soldiers wrongly killed 13 civil rights protesters in Northern Ireland on Bloody Sunday and another dided later. Read the Saville Report for details. Israel needs to act with more logic in its approach. It needs to build bridges with Palestinians. Settlements in the West Bank need to be deconstructed as has happened in Gaza and a Palestinian state needs to be created.

  • Paschal

    @Paschal: Israel has often sought peace and it decided to deconstruct settlements in Gaza. The recent significant lifting of the Gaza Blockade is brilliant news. I have no interest in demonising Israel but I acknowledge that it is not perfect. People must stop taking sides and realise the complexity of the situation. Israelis are lovely people but that doesn’t mean that their army and government are always right. Palestinians are also lovely but that doesn’t change the fact that Hamas is an incredibly recist and generally bigoted terrorist organisation as are certain other Palestinian organisations

  • [email protected]

    Oy vey! Toss in jews and the gaga and the whole middle east erupts on the pages of Queerty. Iran wants us all sent to the gallows, but why worry about that?

  • Paschal

    @[email protected]: If the article were about Iran then discussion of it in the comments would be appropriate. This article, however, is in relation to Israeli soldiers so it is hardly surprising that the situation in Israel and the Palestinian Territories is brought up.

  • Sam

    That would be TiK ToK, if you were into accuracy or stuff like that.

  • fuzzy

    This is what soldiers do, which is why they are out patrolling the street instead of at HQ talking strategy.

    And yeah, the choreography needs a little help. :-p

  • TommyOC

    @Sam: Actually, that would be Tone-Deaf Noise, if you were into accuracy or stuff like that. Seriously, is an auto-tune and a skanky look all it takes to be a successful musician nowadays?

    And on Israel… well… they take from the American Book of Heavy-handedness as it concerns their policy affairs.

    Obviously both sides are guilty of perpetuating the situation, and the Palestinians would do best to ditch their religious edicts and demonstrate some popular uprising against their own leaders, but with Israel in a MUCH stronger position economically, technologically and militarily, they’re the side that has to concede more when pursuing peace. And they don’t concede enough.

    It doesn’t help when the U.S. turns a blind eye to their dealings. Just look at our (non-) response to their sinking of an American warship a couple decades back, or the more recent boarding of a non-national ship in international waters, or the clandestine assassination conducted in Dubai using a variety of European passports – a big no-no in diplomatic circles. We just shrug and insist our bond with them is “strong.” Bleh.

  • fb

    Not only should they aim the disgust to their choreography, it should also be aimed to their song choice.
    I mean, really?! Ke$ha?

    It’s “Alejandro” or nothing!

  • Dylan

    @Vito: Because the United States certainly didn’t elect some terrible leaders in its (recent) history, right?

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