Israeli Foreign Ministry Loves Gays

In the face of increasing tension over gays in Israel, the Foreign Ministry has partnered with gay activist Michael Hamel to garner liberal support for the country.

As part of his mission, Hamel will travel throughout Europe and North America promoting Israels more positive homo-aspects. The Jerusalem Post reports:

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a Foreign Ministry official told The Jerusalem Post this week that efforts to let European and American liberals know about the gay community in Israel were an important part of its work to highlight this country’s support of human rights and to underscore its diversity in a population that tends to judge Israel harshly solely on its treatment of Palestinians.

While the official didn’t want to be named, a member of the New York consulate named David Saranga says officals are trying to create “a buzz” in order to change people’s minds on Israel.

Hmmm…is creating so-called “buzz” really the answer to the problem? We think holding talks between religious leaders and gay activists may be more beneficial to curbing anti-gay sentiment in the country.

Sure, tourism’s all well and good, but throwing a few shekels around ain’t going to make more conservative Israeli’s like the homos.