Israeli Gays Get Go Ahead


After much arguing, haranguing, and guilt, the organizers of Jerusalem’s gay pride have finally been given the go ahead to march. Not the most gay friendly force on the planet, Israeli police originally denied organizers the permits because of the high holy days, then the war with Hezbollah became the excuse. Now, with the cease-fire and a new date, gays have been given the green light to march on November 10th.

Last year’s march was marred by violence and hatred from conservatives, including more than one urine-filled bag being lobbed at the gay crowd. This year, the police have been given explicit orders to provide tighter security. Let’s just hope they can stop bombs and missiles. We don’t know about you, but even though we’ve never been into water sports, urine’s definitely preferable to bombs and missiles. But, that’s just us.

Of the queer reaction, 365 Gay reports:

Open House Chair Noa Sattath called it a significant win, adding that “the achievement is the achievement of all those who hold a democratic and pluralistic Israel dear to their hearts.”

Wait, people in Israel want a pluralistic society? Who knew?