Israeli Judge Denies Babies Citizenship Because All Gay Dads Are Pedophiliac Serial Murderers

Jerusalem Family Court Judge Phillip Marcus is letting gay Israeli father Dan Goldberg and his newborn twin sons Itai and Liron — born to an Indian surrogate — rot for the last two months in a Mumbai hotel because Marcus claims he does not have jurisdiction to give Goldberg the standard paternity test that would grant his sons full Israeli citizenship. According to Marcus, “If it turns out that one of the [purported fathers] sitting here is a pedophile or serial killer, these are things that the state must examine.” Things that also need examining: Judge Marcus head.

In Israel, as in the U.S., heterosexual couples can be two bottles of Hennessy and an 8-ball into a four-gy whenever they spit out a baby, but decent homosexual couples must be stopped because gay buttsex is akin to pedophilia and serial murder and other societal savagery. Meanwhile, Goldberg’s going bankrupt and his babies are ineligible to receive health insurance or medical treatments for vaccinations.

So the papa’s relatives are protesting at the Interior Ministry and sending Goldberg money and baby formula to help keep his family alive. But Goldberg is only one of three gay Israeli men being molested by the courts in exactly the same way. Caught between the court and the fathers are the lives of innocent children.

How ironic that Judge Marcus wants to make sure that gay dads won’t fuck and kill their babies; he’s doing a fine job of it himself.