Israeli Judge Denies Babies Citizenship Because All Gay Dads Are Pedophiliac Serial Murderers

Jerusalem Family Court Judge Phillip Marcus is letting gay Israeli father Dan Goldberg and his newborn twin sons Itai and Liron — born to an Indian surrogate — rot for the last two months in a Mumbai hotel because Marcus claims he does not have jurisdiction to give Goldberg the standard paternity test that would grant his sons full Israeli citizenship. According to Marcus, “If it turns out that one of the [purported fathers] sitting here is a pedophile or serial killer, these are things that the state must examine.” Things that also need examining: Judge Marcus head.

In Israel, as in the U.S., heterosexual couples can be two bottles of Hennessy and an 8-ball into a four-gy whenever they spit out a baby, but decent homosexual couples must be stopped because gay buttsex is akin to pedophilia and serial murder and other societal savagery. Meanwhile, Goldberg’s going bankrupt and his babies are ineligible to receive health insurance or medical treatments for vaccinations.

So the papa’s relatives are protesting at the Interior Ministry and sending Goldberg money and baby formula to help keep his family alive. But Goldberg is only one of three gay Israeli men being molested by the courts in exactly the same way. Caught between the court and the fathers are the lives of innocent children.

How ironic that Judge Marcus wants to make sure that gay dads won’t fuck and kill their babies; he’s doing a fine job of it himself.

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  • Kieran

    It’ll be interesting to see how the Advocate spins this. If they even bother reporting it at all.

  • Paschal

    Israel’s judiciary has been good for gay rights in the past. It’s a pity that mad people like this judge make it to the bench.

  • Robert

    But Michael Lucas told me that Israel was literally the greatest country to have ever existed!? What is this nonsense!

  • Cam

    The next court up will strike this down in a heartbeat. Unless they subject every parent in Family Court to this it’s dead. But I hope that the govt. and the family of this guy go after the judge for misuse of his authority or whatever the equivilent in Isreal is.

  • a



    Israel propagandists need to stop using gays as a deflector of real human rights abuses in the territories. i thank israeli society for being accepting of gays some of the time.

    That doesn’t hide the fact that Israel will not give refugee status to gay palestinians fleeing from their homes, which forces many to work the streets. Israel also has been known to expel gay palestinian refugees and send them back home where they become known as a homosexual prostitute and a deserter.

  • WalkderDC


    So Robert, if I have your line of thinking correctly, it is Isreal’s fault because the Palestinians arrest torture and murder gays who live in their area. Is that what you are saying? I’m not sure how self hating a gay person would have to be to defend a state that not only won’t grant women and gays equal rights, but will beat, brutalize and murder gays merely for the fact of who we are. Do you also defend Saudi Arabia’s not allowing women out of the house without a male relative or having their faces covered, or the govt. officials in Jamaica who publicly say gays should be killed?

    Also, a simple search would show you that the high court over in Isreal just decided that sexual orientation must be included when an evaluation is done on whether or not a refugee is in danger if they go home.

  • WalkderDC

    Sorry, last comment was to “A” not Robert.

  • Jaroslaw

    If that photo is the hotel where they’re rotting, please let me rot for a while. Seriously, I know it isn’t fun being in a hotel forever, but “rot” seems a bit much. Overuse of words destroys their meaning…

  • Jason

    Giving hunderds of thousands of dollars to AIPAC will solve this.

  • a


    It hurts me when you accuse me of being a self-hating gay, as I have been called a self-hating Jew before.

    I would like to ask you when I said it was Israel’s fault (never used this word even so I’m kind of confused) that Palestinian’s treat their LGBT community badly? Please point it out to me because I don’t see it. Well if it isn’t obvious (which it may not be to you because you completely misconstrued what I was saying), I condemn wholeheartedly the treatment of queer people by the Palestinians, but also by Israelis.

    You say Gay’s have equal rights, yet did you even read the story that your comment is attached to? Look at the headline, why are you in such denial? And why are you arguing so fervently? I don’t understand.

    Of course I do not “Do you also defend Saudi Arabia’s not allowing women out of the house without a male relative or having their faces covered, or the govt. officials in Jamaica who publicly say gays should be killed?”. I would love for you to explain to me how this is relevant? Did you think by providing these “examples” i would get so confused and just explode and think your way? HAHA

    Instead of putting words in my mouth to make my argument sound stupid why don’t you listen, ask questions, or debate my actual argument:


    gay or straight, threatened, raped, abused, or not.

    So your point that Israel’s high court takes sexual orientation into consideration when deciding refugee cases is moot.


    PS stop trying to use gay rights in Israel to defend apartheid

  • alan brickman

    Blame Israel or Canada….what ever…


    Makes me want to vomit when a member a group who saw over six million of their own perish simply because another group disapproved of who they were casting hate and hurt on another group…………..

  • Cam

    No. 10 · a


    gay or straight, threatened, raped, abused, or not.

    Wow, you didn’t even read what He/She wrote did you? You jsut saw ISrael and decided to launch out on your little screed.

    Well, you obviously have some agenda because you were lying In like, the first article that comes up if you do a search, this was the first paragraph.

    “In an unusual ruling, the High Court of Justice ordered the state late last week to evaluate the degree to which the life of a young Palestinian is at risk, in part because of his sexual orientation. The Palestinian is asking for permission to remain in Israel because he fears for his life if he is expelled to the Palestinian Authority.”

    So the govt. of Isreal has to now consider sexuality and the danger to a persons life because of that when looking at granting asylum. Interesting…why would they need to look at this? Oh, because gays are killed or arrested in Palestine simply because of who we are. So right there, you said that Palestinians can’t apply for refugee status, and that they don’t take sexuality into consideration. Both false.

    Secondly, you try to draw equivilancies between a country where we are murdered for our existance, and one where we can be granted asylum, have legal partnerships and serve openly in the military. Walker nailed it, you are obviously extreamly self hating if you bother to defend people who would kill you just for being gay. If the Palestinians want me to feel sorry for them, how about they stop killing my gay brothers and sisters? The same goes for Uganda, Jamaica, Iran, and some of the inbred rednecks we’ve got here in the US.

    You are basically asking people to feel sorry for the people that killed Matthew Sheppard…fuck them.

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