Israeli Military Mag In Hot Water For Story On Drag-Queen Soldiers

Bamahane is a military magazine published in Israel and subsidized by the country’s Armed Forces. (Sort of like an Israeli version of Stars and Stripes). So when military brass saw the latest issuewhich included a feature on soldiers who don drag after clocking out—they blew their stack.

Reports the AP:

The article interviewed three active duty soldiers who slip into drag after their shifts. It was illustrated by photos, including one of a soldier in military uniform wearing a gas mask and red, over-the-knee boots with see-through high heels.

A spokesman says that the magazine must now submit articles for approval before publication.  Technically the army’s Chief of the Education and Youth Corps is supposed to vet articles that’s never really been enforced.

Israel has accepted gay and lesbian soldiers isince 1993—and in fact the military recognizes same-sex couples, including widows, and allows soldiers to participate in Pride marches. So it seems this would be a case at the army balking about something it fines unseemly, rather than illicit.

So what’s the big deal? We always thought a battalion of drag-queen commandos would be the perfect way to make uptight, homophobic enemies pee their pants.

Photo via Kyle Taylor