Israeli Pride Contentions Continue

Forget about Palestine and Israel, the battle of Jerusalem Gay Pride’s the real Middle East crisis!

You may recall that religious and conservative leaders have urged the government to cancel the celebration, insisting that it’s a stain on the nation’s impeccable image.

Well, as happens in such things, the battle rages on. While some leaders base their arguments in religion (citing, of course, Sodom and Gomorrah), others draw on a perverted, if not entirely phony, concern for the homos. Ynet News reports:

National Union-NRP MK Yitzhak Levy warned that a one-million strong protest would be held in the capital if police don’t cancel the parade.

Yitzhak Levy said: “I call on the police to cancel the parade for fear of violence by extremists. Hundreds of thousands are planning to come from across the country to protest against the parade. The police is preparing for a large protest which could include one million people. There are threats and these threats are the reason for my calling on the police to cancel the parade’s approval.”

How sweet – Levy doesn’t want any homos to get hurt. See? Conservatives do like us! Hopefully the new Israeli Mr. International Gay will work to create an official alliance, or something.

Also in the same article, a Rabbi who allegedly attended last year’s parade said: “The average homosexual was dressed in a white bride’s dress.” It’s true: the gays love a good wedding dress. In fact, we’re wearing dresses right now!

Due to our general sluttery, however, they’re more of a mauve than white…