Israel’s Education Minister Doesn’t Think Gays Should Have Families

israel_gay_pride1There’s an outrage in Israel as the Minister of Education Shai Piron has made some truly repugnant statements about LGBTs. How bad is it, you may ask? Oh, it’s really really bad.

“It is he right of a Jewish state, even the duty, to say that same-sex couples who decide to live their lives — this is not a family,” he said.

In contrast, Minister of Finance Yair Lapid marched in the Pride parade this month and said, “I’m proud to be here today because supporting the gay community, its rights, its equality before the law, that’s part of what defines me as a human being.”

Lapid is Piron’s boss.

Piron also said that it wasn’t appropriate to use the term “couple” to describe gay couples.

We do not know a whole heck of a lot about the state of Israeli education, but this Piron guy does not seem great. Israel is generally otherwise pretty good about equality for LGBTs.

A few years ago, he got in some hot water for saying that homosexuality could be “fixed.” At the time, some gay groups defended him, saying that he no longer believed that and that he’d become a staunch ally.

Apparently not.