Israel’s Plan to Drive a Gay Traveling Party Bus Through Europe

It would appear porn entrepreneur Michael Lucas is doing more to bolster Israel’s gay tourism than the country itself. Tel Aviv, the nation’s second-largest city with 400,000 residents, spent just $13,000 last year on marketing itself as a queer travel destination. That’s going to change, with a 10X budget increase for 2010. But it’s their newest initiative that has us impressed: a gay tour bus that’ll traipse through Europe promoting Israel’s homosexual image.

“The Tel Aviv Municipality together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the gay center are working on a plan to purchase a bus which will shuttle between gay festivals in Europe and promote Israel’s international image,” reports Y Net. “According to the plan, the bus will transport Israeli dancers, play Israeli music and serve as a marketing platform for Israel and the branding of Tel Aviv as its national gay city. Festival goers will be offered Israeli food and will get a chance to watch Israeli films on board the vehicle.”

Israeli films … like this one?

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