It Ain’t All The Rage


A redneck brutally kills a gay guy and then at the trial, claims it was in self-defense because our guy made a pass at him. Obviously ridiculous, but we’re talking about a country here where most people don’t believe in evolution.

So, at the trial the redneck claims “gay rage.” Believe it or not, it used to work. Well, not so much anymore. Case in point, Joseph Lawrence was sentenced to 50 years for the murder of openly gay man Jason Gage. His defense? “Gay rage.”

Lawrence’s lawyers said that he acted out of “gay rage” after Gage tried to seduce him. The legal tactic has had mixed success over the years. Recent trials, including the Araujo trial, have suggested it is losing its impact on jurors.

It’s nice to know that juries (even in Iowa) aren’t buying this “gay rage” bull.

Man enters Alford plea in beating death of Iowa waiter [Quad-City Times]