It Continues…

The right’s continuing their crusade against the abominable, “anti-Christian” gays: Americans For Truth’s Peter Montgomery last night published a piece about the “despicable” Queerty – that’s us – and some the readers who are vowing to take revenge on homophobic religious institutions, which we don’t condone. Look at all this trouble – wouldn’t things just be easier if we were granted equal rights? Sigh. [AFT]

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  • faghag

    Fuck, I don’t understand America.
    The country that supposedly stands for human rights, equality and democracy, choses to treat a huge portion of its citizens like criminals.
    Stop paying your taxes.
    Do it!

  • Wolf

    They are just getting scared now. They know they can lose alot if we fight the way they do WE MUST KEEP IT UP! WE MUST SHOW HOW ANGRY WE ARE AND LET THEM NOT FORGET THAT AND WE MUST PASS THE WORD TO OTHERS TO HELP STAND WITH US! Its about time the FEAR Mongers lived in FEAR.

  • Paul Raposo

    Isn’t it interesting that they keep quoting that “BILLYBOB THORNTON” poster?

  • Ed

    How really quite pathetic.

    They discriminate openly against gays/lesbians/trans/bisexuals and hide behind their interpretations of scriptures. Then they choose to present a false argument citing threats against them from comments left on a website. If that wasn’t cowardly enough they demand the implementation of a hate crimes styled investigation. My, that kool-aid must taste great because from the saner perspective- they’re all nuts!

    I could care less if someone, even a right-wing plant, exercises their freedom of speech in an opinion section of a website within the context of a discriminating measure passed into law. Don’t be fooled by this pure nonsense meant to disempower your frustration.

    To that end, and within that guise, I declare to blow up FL, AZ, UT and AK. What a threat poser I am. So, attention all gay haters, please feign your outrage further and excerpt my post so that I can continue to validate your bigoted base. I also encourage you to contact the FBI because obviously my diction is hitting a soft spot.

    And then, wake me when the shuttle lands!

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