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It Doesn’t Matter What the Pentagon Wants: Congress Will Repeal DADT With or Without Them


In November, Frank was going on about how there was no repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell without adding it to the 2010 Defense Department re-authorization bill — something President Obama supposedly called on the Defense Department to get in line to do. Frank told a reporter: “You can’t do the standalone bill. It belongs in the defense authorization.” And now he’s telling the press, it doesn’t even matter if Congress gets the all-clear from the Pentagon when it submits its budget recommendations. “I do not think it matters what the Pentagon says,” he says. “We will get the votes without it, I think.” That’s great to hear, because supposedly, all along, this was how Frank & Co. were going to repeal DADT. And not because anyone “pressured” them into doing it.

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  • Fitz

    I just had a great idea for a fund raiser. Slug barney for $5 a pop.

  • Brian NJ

    Get it done. These are American Veterans we are talking about.

    And Barney, if the Democrats led by Rahm Emanuel begin a huge, active push for civil rights for illegal immigrants before civil rights for vets, and you bumble around like a big doofy purple dino-dud instead of screaming YOUR HEAD OFF like a velociraptor, then FUCK YOU.

  • hyhybt

    There’s no *harm* in this: trying to pass a DADT repeal separately doesn’t prevent their adding it to an appropriations bill if it doesn’t go through, and if it DOES work, it leaves them freer to use that trick for something else.

    Are there really so many in Congress still in favor of DADT that it’s a problem?

  • Steve

    AFTER the repeal of DADT is signed into law by Obama, Barney can send me a fund-raising letter to ask for money. There is no money until that happens.

    It might be helpful to the Democrats if they could make that happen before November. I expect they might like to spend some money before the election.

  • Michael W.

    “Are there really so many in Congress still in favor of DADT that it’s a problem?”

    Uhh, yeah. It’s going to be a very big problem. All the shit about new polls showing Americans more open to gays in the military don’t mean anything when DADT is buried in the papers and news sites. Wait until it becomes front page, headline worthy material and we’ll see how open America is then. Wait until it becomes a topic of serious debate on cable news. Wait until Obama utters a word about it and half the country suddenly hates the idea.

  • San Francisco Treat

    I love that Rep. Frank announces he’s moving forward on a key issue for our community and most of the responses are still nasty. Shitting on allies is a bad strategy.

  • Fitz

    @San Francisco Treat: Knowing who your allies really are is an excellent strategy.

  • Steve

    No. 6 · San Francisco Treat,

    Our so-called “allies” in Congress have broken every promise that they have made to us, very consistently, for a very long time. Every time an issue comes up, they have an excuse for putting it off until another year or two. If they actually tried to push the bill, and just couldn’t get the votes, that would be one thing. But, consistently, they have not even tried. I just don’t believe them any more.

    The political calculus is simple — the Democrats think that they get the gay votes for free, because gay voters don’t have any other options. As long as they get the votes for free, there is no need to actually do anything for gay constituents. And, actually doing something (anything) for gay issues might loose some other voters. So, they don’t actually do anything.

    The only way any pro-gay bill is going to get passed is if that political calculus changes. The only way we can influence that political calculus is, they don’t get the votes for free, ever again. If they want the gay vote, they have to actually do something other than talk.

    An incumbent who fails to actually sponsor and vote for our bills, does not get my money or my support. Actual sponsoring of bills, and voting record, are the only things that count. Words before the election mean nothing.

    And, of course, this is non-partisan. If a Republican congressman starts sponsoring our bills and voting for them, he or she could earn my support.

  • PADude

    At this point…put up or shut up. We’re lied to far too often to believe what anybody says.

  • San Francisco Treat

    @ Steve – I totally understand where you’re coming from – and I agree almost completely with your assertions. However, votes are not the only way we wield influence. We also have cash and voices. All I’m saying is hold your fire until there’s actual failure. DADT is such an easy political give for the blue team, if they don’t move it this year, fire away. I’ll be there with you.

  • Jake from Boston

    Steve, I agree with you 100 percent, and as I’ve said before, All gays should leave the Democratic party and register as Independent. Might send the politicians in DC a more unified message.

  • hyhybt

    @Jake from Boston: The trouble with registering as Independent is that you don’t get to vote in primaries.

  • San Francisco Treat

    Um, yeah.

  • Jake from Boston

    Yes you’re right about that, but why would you want to vote for the crappy candidates the Democratic party has been putting up as of late? It seems lately when voting for even state elections there has been a real dearth of candidates worth standing behind. For example, the most recent Republican voted into office (Scott Brown) was a vote on personality and the way he was perceived in the media as “likable”. This is irregardless of his appaling voting record on gay issues in the past. Martha Coakely was seen as wooden and out of touch with the public on several fronts. Now I’m not saying we should all vote Republican or Democrat, but maybe offer the solution of funding our own candidates for a change. More gay and lesbian politicians is a good thing, just not all like Barney Frank :). Lord knows we don’t need more people who sound like Elmer Fudd running around this earth.

    I know I’m going to get flamed for this, but at least I’m trying to offer some solutions and have an actual discussion rather than get all upset over the issues. And No, I don’t claim to have any answers to our problems, either.

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