barney frank

It Doesn’t Matter What the Pentagon Wants: Congress Will Repeal DADT With or Without Them


In November, Frank was going on about how there was no repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell without adding it to the 2010 Defense Department re-authorization bill — something President Obama supposedly called on the Defense Department to get in line to do. Frank told a reporter: “You can’t do the standalone bill. It belongs in the defense authorization.” And now he’s telling the press, it doesn’t even matter if Congress gets the all-clear from the Pentagon when it submits its budget recommendations. “I do not think it matters what the Pentagon says,” he says. “We will get the votes without it, I think.” That’s great to hear, because supposedly, all along, this was how Frank & Co. were going to repeal DADT. And not because anyone “pressured” them into doing it.

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