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  • divkid

    uh….o-kay?!…coz nothing says sincere and thoughtful…like a thumping eurobeat club banger (which this is not)

    \\\\ i hate bringing the cynical but someone has to, but at least i didn’t say exploitation, or bandwagon jumping\\\\\

    oh, i did?

    sorry about that.

    incidentally IT DOES GET BETTER around the 7:09 mark.

    [are the proceeds going to charity? if so disregard all the above]

  • Jeffree

    Maybe I’m too semi-rural and all that, but I don’t usually hear/understand/ listen to the words on dance trax. But hey, if the message gets spread thru via club music —and if it’s any good— then it’s a great idea. And as long as a fair portion of proceeds go to the writer of the orig. vid or the designated non-profit, it’s even better-er.

  • Dali

    The only thing that gets better in this video is when I tune into the armpits.

  • Benjamin

    I didn’t watch the original yet but I love this remix version.

  • Daez

    Leave it to the gays to make a dance mix out of anything and everything. I’m surprised they haven’t made a dance mix out of funeral music yet. Shit like this is why I avoid gay clubs like the plague that they truly are on our community.

    Well, that and the fact that 40-50 year old men trying to pick up 18 year old boys is both disgusting and disturbing on SO many levels.

  • rodrigo

    the music is fine and all but his dilated pupils are freaking me out!

  • Simon

    This song is abomination to music, not just electro. Most of ’90s eurodance songs are better.

  • Paul in Canada


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