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It Gets Really Awkward When You Ask James Franco About His Sexuality

Or his rep will beat you down! Or maybe she (Robin Baum?) will just beat down Franco. Either way, asking the actor about any enjoyment of other guys is a no-no, as attendees at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of his film Saturday Night learned Sunday night.

“One of the guests asked James a few things that alluded to his sexuality,” says a panel-goer, explaining that the line of questioning was in regards to Franco’s on-camera kiss with Will Forte on “SNL.” “Franco’s rep stopped him from answering, and the crowd got really uncomfortable.” But Franco didn’t seem to mind: “Will and James were taking pictures of themselves with a Polaroid at the afterparty [at 48 Lounge],” says a spy. “And then James turned to Will and joked, ‘Uh-oh, this one is going to make people talk!’ Will even told a passerby, ‘James is a very passionate kisser!'”

Of course, there will be more chances to quiz Franco about maybe being a gay: His film Howl was just selected as Outfest’s opening night flick.