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  • Sarah McConnaughey

    That’s messed up! I’d quit on the spot if they said I had to do that!

  • fitz

    @Sarah McConnaughey: Yea, but I (and presumably you) have the kinds of careers where they wouldn’t dare… when we think civil liberties, we have to remember that not everyone has a professional level income.

  • Bill S

    All I can say is…What. The. F***?

  • schlukitz

    That’s chutzpah!

  • alex

    This nonsense is a perfect example of why our community should not be hell-bent on getting marriage equality. Although I’m all for the right to marry (as granted by our Constitution), I’m far more concerned with gaining the right to work. It’s ludicrous that in many states, being gay or transgender is a legitimate reason to be fired.

    Marriage (and the entanglement of religion) should not be our main battle. I find it disgusting to think that a person can get fired simply due to who they sleep with. Or, in this case, based on a physical attribute that no one at work should ever see.

  • fitz

    @alex: These are not mutually exclusive rights. And they are not foreign concepts. It’s just as simple as “Do onto others as you would have done onto you”, and if we are placated with 1 piece of a solution, we are suckers.

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