It It Time to Cut Paquita La Del Barrio Some Slack?

Paquita La Del Barrio, the Mexican singer, is tired of everyone remembering she said terrible things about homosexuals, so please stop badgering her!

To be fair, Paquita isn’t as bad as Mike Huckabee, who continues raging against gay adoption and then saying he’s not the one making it a big story as he continues addressing it. But having responded to Mexico City’s gay marriage and adoption rights by saying she’d rather see a kid die than go to a gay family, and then apologized for it, she’s now tired of being known as That Bigoted Lady Who Should STFU.

It’s a reasonable request. Any famous person has the right to ask for some privacy. But when stupid famous persons said stupid things, they waive that right. And while we’d encourage anyone who has a problem with Paquita’s views on gay parenting to stop buying her records and concert tickets, it’s also perfectly reasonable to continue pointing out that, hey, this woman doesn’t deserve your respect.