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It Might As Well Have Been Obama Who Told Rep. Hastings to Kill DADT Bill

A day after trying to amend the Defense Department’s budget bill to prohibit any funds being spent on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell investigations, Florida’s Rep. Alcee Hastings withdrew his bill. He claimed he dropped the effort because of pressure from the White House and his Congressional colleagues, while still maintaining that when he recognizes bigotry, he makes a a stab to end it, and “the time is now.” So who, specifically, are there folks trying to squash his effort?

Well, it’s not President Obama specifically who told Hastings to shut it down, but his “liaisons.” But let’s be clear: They are one in the same. If Obama truly backed killing DADT — or, more accurately, what it represents — he’d encourage any measure to put an end to it. He wouldn’t be having his henchmen doing anything to stop such efforts. Instead, the president asks us to rely on his master strategy .. WHICH HE HAS YET TO OUTLINE, and has made clear it will take until the end of his first term to see any real progress.

And for all the political capital it supposedly requires to kill the policy, here we are in 2009, a non-election year, where such a “controversial” decision doesn’t have to cost anyone his job.