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It sure seems like Ivanka has officially broken up with her father

Image of Donald and Ivanka Trump sitting next to each other

In case it wasn’t totally clear already, Ivanka Trump wants absolutely nothing to do with her dad right now.

The former first daughter, who served as a senior adviser in the Trump White House, has been radio silent since Donald Trump announced he’s likely going to be indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg over the $130,000 in hush money he allegedly paid Stormy Daniels very, very soon.

She also hasn’t remarked on his ever-worsening legal troubles in Georgia, where Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is said to be preparing to indict him over his alleged meddling in Georgia’s 2020 election.

Yesterday, however, Ivanka broke her social media silence on Instagram… with a happy birthday post dedicated to her youngest son.

“Happy 7th Birthday to our sweet Theo!” she wrote. “You bring so much joy and love into our lives every day with your kind, positive, and energetic spirit. I love you to the moon and back again!”

“May this year bring you laughter, love, adventure and many more trips to the skate park!”

So, what can we glean from all this?

Well, clearly, Ivanka doesn’t seem to give AF about her dad and his mounting legal woes. Or the rest of her family, for that matter.

In addition to completely ignoring the fact that he’s kinda up sh*t creek right now and instead focusing on taking her kid to the skate park, earlier this month, she threw her him and brothers under the bus when she told a New York judge that she had absolutely nothing to do with any of the fraudulent behavior alleged in the $250 million lawsuit against the Trump Organization filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James last year.

Ivanka’s lawyers argued that the fraud lawsuit “does not contain a single allegation that Ms. Trump directly or indirectly created, prepared, reviewed, or certified any of her father’s financial statements.”

“Other individuals were responsible for those tasks,” her lawyers alleged. (The “other individuals” presumably being the three others named in the lawsuit: Donald, Don Jr., and Eric.)

All of this is unfolding exactly how Mary Trump predicted it would waaay back in January 2022 when she said Ivanka would flip on her father to save her own skin if needed and was likely making a “calculation” as to what would “help her in the long run.”

“She knows she has to come down on the right side of things,” Mary predicted over a year ago. “Or, she’ll continue to stay her father’s ally, and have to see how that plays out.”

“She’s in a very bad situation because she must understand that if Donald feels it’s necessary, he will stop protecting her. Donald will throw anybody under the bus if he believes it’s in his best interest to do so.”

But Ivanka’s not the only woman in Donald Trump’s life who doesn’t appear interested in lending him any support in his time of need. His own wife Melania is also reportedly half checked out.

“Melania is leading her own life, and still feels happy being at Mar-a-Lago, surrounded by people who love her and who never talk about reality, or bad things about her husband,” the source told People this week.

“She doesn’t sympathize with Donald’s plight.”

The source added, “Melania loves the beautiful weather and resort town atmosphere of Palm Beach. She is happy when she is in Palm Beach. She has her son and other close family members. They are tribe-like and usually stick together. Despite what happens to Donald, she will be fine. She is well taken care of.”

If Trump is indicted by Bragg or Willis or both, he will have the unique distinction of becoming the first-ever former U.S. president to face criminal prosecution. Just like he’s the first-ever president to be impeached twice, the first-ever president to never receive an approval rating over 50%, and the first-ever president to be banned from Twitter.