It Took 7 Months of a Sexless Marriage (And One Gay Kiss) to Realize Her Husband Was a ‘Mo

We already know that gay marriage is going to hurt heterosexual marriage, but also: not having gay marriage hurts heterosexual marriage. Because it’s allowing straight women to get scammed into getting hitched to homosexuals as part of a green card scam!

What, you don’t have a straight girlfriend that accidentally married a gay male foreigner whom tricked her into donning a wedding dress to secure permanent citizenship? Then you don’t know Long Island’s Samina Khan, 31, who only last year concluded husband Farrukh Khan was A Gay after spotting him kissing up on another man — in her car. (He denied it happened.) That’s how she knew he was gay, she told a judge that granted her an annulment, and not the fact that over the course of their 7-month marriage, they never did the nasty.

Samina met Farrukh, 35, two years ago at a singles event for professional Muslims. She later spotted Farrukh’s profile on a Muslim dating site — where he said he was a “network engineer” and a restaurant partner earning more than $100,000 a year — and hit it off with him after they went on a speed date arranged by the service.

After a quick courtship, the couple tied the knot in June 2008. They even pushed up the date so Farrukh could visit his ailing father in Pakistan. The marriage allowed him to return to the United States. “Clearly, he just did this for a green card,” Samina said. “The day after the [marriage] paperwork was in, he just ignored me.”

For weeks, Samina said, she ignored the obvious signs, including their bizarre living arrangement. Samina moved with Farrukh into a one-family house in Westbury he was sharing with his friend, the friend’s wife and their son. Samina said she drove the men every morning to the train station and they would return very late at night. She also said that Farrukh and his friend shared clothes and cash and bought groceries together.

It’s like, can’t a dude buy another dude some non-fat milk and fava beans without his wife thinking he’s gonna run off with his married male roommate?

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