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It Took Gay Kids Killing Themselves For Perez Hilton To Realize He’s a Disgusting Gay Bully

He’s going to do things differently from now on, obnoxious Internet personality P.H. tells Ellen DeGeneres on her show today. He’s not going to be an utter dick to people from here on out, even celebrities! He’ll no longer rationalize his torment of public figures by saying he was just playing a character. Oh, and he’s not going to out people. (That’s great news for Lance Bass and Neil Patrick Harris, who were thrown out of the closet, in part, by his website.) It only took some high school and college kids ending their lives for this guy to consider he’s doing harm.

These are the words not just of a bully, but of a bullying victim: P.H., a homo who says he doesn’t want his own community be “ashamed” and “embarrassed” about him, is one of the most tormented online figures out there. It’s always just been hard to feel bad for a guy who makes others feel like shit.

So, I guess, good luck out there, P.H. I still can’t bring myself to write out your name. Even your pseudonym.