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It Took Gay Kids Killing Themselves For Perez Hilton To Realize He’s a Disgusting Gay Bully

He’s going to do things differently from now on, obnoxious Internet personality P.H. tells Ellen DeGeneres on her show today. He’s not going to be an utter dick to people from here on out, even celebrities! He’ll no longer rationalize his torment of public figures by saying he was just playing a character. Oh, and he’s not going to out people. (That’s great news for Lance Bass and Neil Patrick Harris, who were thrown out of the closet, in part, by his website.) It only took some high school and college kids ending their lives for this guy to consider he’s doing harm.

These are the words not just of a bully, but of a bullying victim: P.H., a homo who says he doesn’t want his own community be “ashamed” and “embarrassed” about him, is one of the most tormented online figures out there. It’s always just been hard to feel bad for a guy who makes others feel like shit.

So, I guess, good luck out there, P.H. I still can’t bring myself to write out your name. Even your pseudonym.

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  • Sean

    Hmm…good for him, but don’t blame me for being skeptical.

  • Chris

    Oh hey Kettle, its Pot. What’s that? I’m black too?!

  • daveny


  • Cam

    Oh PUH-LEEZE! He isn’t going to out people etc… because he no longer even writes his blog.

    He used to go out to clubs, see things, post about them, and now just reposts faxed press releases. I LOVE how he is now pretending that he has had some revelation when in fact he sold out AGES ago and will just use this as an excuse.

    As for him not outing people, hey, he outed Neil Patrick Harris, and that has not been a bad thing for either Mr. harriss or the community.

  • UMB

    Said Queerty, the “real news” version of Perez Hilton.

  • Steve

    FYI NPH was outed on

  • HiredGoons

    I’m glad he could capitalize on this to get a modicum of attention for his has-been e-rag. Well played, you talentless hack.

  • AdonisOfFire

    I like him coz like me he hates that nasty fugly bitch Christina Aguilera

  • maxpower

    Nothing wrong with outing celebrities, Queerty’s just mad because they’ve never broken any story.

  • Freddie

    How nice that he put on a suit and lost a few pounds.

    How nice that the dead bodies of gay teenagers gave him another PR opportunity!

    Really, Perez. Live by example. Kill yourself as a sacrifice. No one will miss you.

  • VagrantMan

    @AdonisOfFire umm, since when is it appropriate to call someone a bitch, especially a woman?

  • Gurlzz

    PLEASE!!! He is milking this to shift his brand as he tries to launch a string of new websites.

    If he feels so badly for his past behavior then he should donate the blood money that he has made over the past few years.

  • greenluv1322

    I think the “Gays” are taking this normalcy shit too far. We are all different and fact is as LGBTs there are some things that we as a people have to endure. So let’s stop the BS on like being is gay is bad and therefore getting outed by yourself or someone is bad. Get over it, it’s part of the initiation into gay-dom. So the idea that OUTING celebrities is bullying…please. I am really starting to get sick of Ellen and that woe is me shit is getting real old real quick. There are real tweens and teens who need to just get real and accept that we LGBTs are different, for various reasons. So really Ellen get over it you are a multi-millionaire who went thru some industry shit 10 f-ing years ago. Stick to prop 8 sweetie because now you are reaching.

  • JoeyO'H

    I’ll believe Ms. Hilton when I see it.

  • Marcus

    Perez hardly “threw Lance Bass out of the closet.”

    HE and that damn Reichen paraded their shit all over the place. What was he supposed to do? Not report it?

    BTW, if Perez doesn’t out celebrities, someone else will gladly move into that spot.

    It’s not going to change anything.

    Celebrities aren’t being tortured into killing themselves, private citizens in America are.


  • NAP79

    @ FREDDIE – I second that!

    Pile-of-Shit Hilton is a disgusting person and a disgrace to the gay community. I wish people would stop paying attention to speed up the process of getting rid of his ugly ass. Unfortunately there will always be vapid, ignorant queers that value the drivel he spews.

  • Mikey S

    Anyone have a recommendation for a gay news blog that is a little more balanced? Queerty’s bitter writers/editors are getting old?

  • AdonisOfFire

    Since that particular woman is rude to her fans, other celebrities, journalists and artists with greater talent than her. And when that woman is arrogant and acts with sense of entitlement as if the world should lick her asshole clean, even though she can’t sing the high notes in her own songs when performing live and her album is the biggest flop in recent music history.

  • Tommy

    I’ve always found the hatred of Perez way over the top. Yes, he’s bitchy but he’s a gossip columnist. You can’t take it seriously. Lots of others do the same or worse.
    You can’t compare him bitching out celebrities to gay teenagers being tortured by homophobic bullies. Celebrities are in a position of power with publicists to refute gossip. Teenagers in school aren’t. Bullies are people who pick those less weak and powerful than they are. Celebrities don’t qualify as that.

  • Tommy

    I’ve always found the hatred of Perez way over the top. Yes, he’s bitchy but he’s a gossip columnist. You can’t take it seriously. Lots of others do the same or worse.
    You can’t compare him bitching out celebrities to gay teenagers being tortured by homophobic bullies. Celebrities are in a position of power with publicists to refute gossip. Teenagers in school aren’t. Bullies are people who pick those weaker and less powerful than they are. Celebrities don’t qualify as that.

  • tallskin2

    Perez who?

  • Geoff B

    Perez doesn’t want his community to be embarassed and ashamed of him? Hasn’t that ship sailed years ago?

  • Devon

    @Geoff B:

    That ship sailed, encountered some nasty weather, crashed on the rocks, and sunk to the depths never to be seen again.

  • Stefan


    I agree with everything you say and more. I doubt Perez has every driven a celebrity to suicide. Celebrities when they become famous accept stuff like what he does because hey, it’s a part of being famous.

  • Aaron

    Oh please Queerty, you’re just a political version Perez Hilton. Just own it. That’s why I keep coming back to you 4-5x throughout the day.

  • Allyson

    he has been wrong. he has done things that weren’t good decisions. give him the benefit of the doubt though. two wrongs aren’t making a right. there isnt any reason to be hurtful towards him.

  • Allyson

    @Tommy: ok so if this is true, the media impacts children and adults alike of all religions, sexualities, races, and such. this being true, what he says might get to someone who could think its the “fun” and “cool” to do. anyone who acts like that is saying its ok to treat other people like shit, for lack of a better word. its not ok what he did. if hes going to try to make it better then more power to him. i respect him for that.

  • VagrantMan


    Ahh ok, so her actions justify you’re offensive language? Makes perfect sense. You’re part of the problem man. A lot of people justify the word “faggot” with a lot irrational logic too. Think about that.

  • Greg

    @Freddie said: How nice that the dead bodies of gay teenagers gave him another PR opportunity!


  • Seb

    Get off your high horse, Queerty. You out people all the time. Do the words “Anderson Cooper” ring a bell for you? And your bullying is as bad or worse than Perez’s. Can’t even bring yourselves to write his name? Please.

  • ewe

    @Seb: Anderson Cooper is already OUT. He just censors everything and anything about his own orientation with the assistance of the media.

  • Seb

    @ Ewe, then why is Queerty always pressuring him to come out?

    Anyway, Queerty is often very nasty about people so if Perez is a bully so is Queerty.

  • ewe

    @Seb: I can’t answer for Queerty but i would like Anderson Cooper to be more OPEN about himself in casual conversations such as when he hosts the regis and kelly morning show. He is not fully open about himself when he speaks nothing, absolutely nothing of his partner while Ms. Thing is dribbling on and on about her mate and kids. That does not mean i do not think he is in the closet, just in a box. I personally hate the term “closet”. I wish we would not fall into an oppressed minortiy status allowing others to define our experience. Not all gay people have closets. Many bullied children are not closeted. It is not possible for some of us to have a closet. We just are the way we are and that includes tremendous strength possessed within from day one (just like hets). No difference. Anderson Cooper is staying silent because he feels his career cannot overcome him being viewed as different. And he may be right. All of us know that hate is out there and is very real. But silence does not mean you are in a closet when your face and image is everywhere. Anderson Cooper does not represent me. I do not know him. Our paths have not ever even crossed. Queerty is adament about topics. That is what i happen to like about this blog.

  • wannabegay2

    like everyone else, i hate PH, but keep in mind that by outing people on his blog he has done so much good for the gay cause…. yes, he hurt the people involved, but as a whole, having outed celebrities has helped the cause.

  • Seb

    @ewe: In the closet, “in a box”, “not open”, whatever you wanna call it, Queerty is always pressuring Anderson Cooper about it. I remember the same used to happen with Clay Aiken. I have also seen a lot of what could be called “bullying” on this site. Yet Queerty thinks Perez Hilton is so “disgusting” for outing people and bullying, it can’t even bring itself to write his name. Please. If you can’t see the massive hypocrisy in that you must be deaf, dumb and blind.

  • greenluv1322

    Well you jackasses who voted my first comment down. That’s why your parents, friends, and country men don’t even respect you. You can’t handle the truth. You grown ass people you LGBTs are the problem. Stop blaming it on the straights.

  • ~R~

    @greenluv1322: I don’t think straights are the problem… it is people like you that fit that bill. Get off your high horse. Everybody should come into “gay-dom” on THEIR own terms: not yours or anyone elses. Get over yourself.

  • ~R~

    @NAP79: Kettle-meet-pot. For real. We are talking about people killing themselves because they can’t deal with the bullying and you dips–t(s) endorse the idea of this man (dispicable as he is… yes, i don’t like him either) killing himself. Pathetic! As far as I’m concerned, you are right there with him in making the gay community look bad!

  • ~R~

    @Freddie: ”
    Live by example. Kill yourself as a sacrifice. No one will miss you.”

    Really! How many of those who recently killed themselves were told something similar to what you just said. Nice. Congratulations! You, too, are a bully.

  • joe price

    perez called me a satanist. i never met perez before in my life. i actually thought i was a rock and roll artist. wierd, huh?

  • richardporter

    It Took Gay Kids Killing Themselves For To Realize It’s a Disgusting Gay Bully

  • AdonisOfFire


    I think the problem for our community are really the little Miss Uppities like you that have no problem speaking against “foul language” but when it comes time to real fighting for his rights he rather curl up into a ball and take a beating than strike back and demand respect. Typical weak submissive gay, the reason why gays are second class citizens.

  • Dave

    Didn’t Perez Hiltn call someone a faggot because he felt it was a good way to insult them? I think PH is still a fat kid on the inside that was made fun of, never made it as an actor, so had to resort to creating his alter ego to secretly insult the people he resented through a web site. Eventually society walked right into the mean spirited and hateful attitude that has overtaken this past decade and ate it up. It’s time to stop ALL these type of people.

  • VagrantMan

    @AdonisOfFire: So said the man resorting to name calling. You shouldn’t make assumptions man, they just make you look pretentious and ignorant.

  • Lefty

    Has someone already mentioned that he’s fat and ugly?
    A hypocrite?
    Pointless publicity whore?
    Has outrage already been expressed?

    Then I’ve nothing to add.

  • candice1022

    @Gurlzz: donate to what? gay people? gay people are just like you and me? so why donate to them? why not donate to me too? like think before you speak there are plenty of organizations out there to donate to. as for perez if he is trying then give him a chance… how mnay people would admit they were wrong.. and ya it took suicides for him to realize it but at least he REALIZED it and is trying to help prevent it now. so let me tell you… instead of spreading your hate of perez all over the board why dont you do something constructive out in the world and help people yourself. just being negative and hating on him is what people like us are trying to prevent in the first place… cause its hate like that that you spread that makes kids wanna kill themselves.

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