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It Was Only a Matter of Time Before Someone Called Neil Patrick Harris a Smurf. And That He Would Agree

Neil Patrick Harris has a television show, multiple awards show hosting gigs, Internet video projects, a new Broadway play in Los Angeles, endorsements, possibly his own game show, and now, a live action/animated film he’ll lead. The Smurfs.

News of Harris’ latest project has us thinking about this man’s career. It is robust. It is respected. It is seriously profitable. We know, Mr. Harris is only one man, and that means he’s only one gay man. And he’s the obvious go-to when people discuss openly gay people “making it” in Hollywood, of which there are, still, very few. But this guy is doing enough work for at least six out-of-work gay actors. And he could probably afford to keep a roof over their heads while doing it.

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  • fredo777

    “la la la-la la la”

    as an 80s kid, i’m looking forward to this one.

  • Richard

    Broadway plays can’t be in Los Angeles, morons. Broadway = NYC. It’s shocking how many basic errors are made on this blog daily. You should start a separate site for corrections.

  • fredo777

    @Richard: If you are so offended by the constant errors, why do you still visit daily?

  • Shade

    Well normally I would agree with you Fredo – but a gay site botching a theater reference is probably just this side of unforgivable. It’s like gay theater fans who refer to cast recordings as “soundtracks.”

    On a side note – yay for NPH

  • pogobock

    He may be a Smurf, but he’s our Smurf.

  • Richard

    @fredo777: So I can click through to find more interesting things. The blog itself is horrendous. The links are sometimes worth something.

  • fredo777

    @Richard: sounds like a lot of hoo-hah, in my opinion. if there is any worth in a blog that i frequent on a daily basis, i’m not going to spend my time trashing said blog. but, different strokes…

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