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  • Cam

    Ok, lately I’ve not been as much of a fan of Griffin, I don’t dislike her but I’ve seen her show and just gotten a bit bored, HOWEVER…

    Barney Frank has blown up on camera when people even questioned his opinion, he is the last person to be talking about hurling insults, and embarassingly enough, since he was outed because his then boyfriend was a hooker running a prostitution ring out of his office he may want to not jump into any discussion of prostitutes as well. Kathy Griffin is a comedianne, she’s going to say stuff.

    Additionally, before anybody says that his daughters shouldn’t be talked about because they haven’t chosen to put themselves in the public eye…

    One daughter, went on American Idol, made the top twelve and now is a broadcaster, the other is a model.

    1. They are fairly public.
    2. Also, Does Congressman Frank actually believe that anybody thinks that a Sitting U.S. Senator from MA. has two daughters that are walking the streets as hookers? Kathy is the same woman that was pretending to be upset and joking with people on the Red Carpet that Dakota Fanning was in Rehab at the age of 13. Everybody got the joke and laughed, the few that didn’t just came off looking like pursed mouthed school marms.

  • Fitz

    Barney Frank is irrelevant. He has worked very hard to achieve that irrelevancy, and we should honor that work by cooperatively ignoring the old uncle Tom fagot in the corner.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    Frank is a putz, plain and simple. No.1, indeed, Frank was hiding in the closet (literally about being gay, not literally on premises) when the police came stinging the prostitution and drug ring from his DC condo.

    And, was it not Brown himself, during his victory speech, who offered his daughters up, both as public figures by going into their privacy publicly and sexually by sorta pimping them out as single and available?

    No. 2, love your line! So true.

  • keke

    No seems to remember that when Brown won the election in Ma,
    He showed off his daughters to the public after his victory speech and stated they were both single.
    That’s when the can of worms was open I’m afraid….Losers!
    he he he he Oh Daddy!!!!….Stop!!!!…..he he he he he he

  • the crustybastard

    As a preliminary matter, who was the genius at HRC who decided to thrust a lunatic fame whore like Kathy Griffin into politics?

    It’s not even insulting her to call her a lunatic fame whore, because that’s her schtick.

    Sure it’s funny for what it is, but it doesn’t lend itself to politics even a little. It’s not that comics CAN’T do politics, it’s just that SHE doesn’t, and she clearly isn’t capable or doesn’t want to learn how to treat a serious issue seriously.

    Having watched the entire HRC episode, gobsmacked, all I could think was, “Holy shit, this isn’t just the most spectacularly self-sabotaging thing any political lobbying organization has ever done, they’re knowingly doing it FOR BROADCAST.”

    HRC: You look like bush-league starfucking rubes. You embarrassed yourselves, you embarrassed me, and you jeopardized the issue.

    Fuck you for pretending you represent me. Seriously, fuck you.

  • Cam

    @the crustybastard:

    Thank you!!!

    That is HRC’s problem. There is NOBODY who is still a fan of Kathy Griffin, or who watches her show most likely, who is anti-gay, just who’s mind is she supposed to be changing? It’s like running an ad in “Guns and Ammo” that says “Guns are Good”. Um, yeah, I think the readers of “Guns and Ammo” already think that.

    HRC is so star struck by ANYBODY who is on TV or movies, that it never occurs to them that the Major News media isn’t covering a “Kathy Griffin” rally to any extent, even Angelina Jolie doesn’t generate a ton of coverage when she does something anymore, and the people who watch Kathy’s show are already on our side. HRC still says “Oh, she will get us great publicity!” but all they’re really interested in is this…the rally is an excuse to also have a “Cocktail” hour with Kathy, where they can charge $1000.00 for a chance to have your photo taken with her. (Of course the HRC staff all line up to get their free photos before hand)

  • ChicagoJimmy

    The only thing this episode really showed was that the entire population of Washington D.C. has a stick up their ass (and not in a good way.) Barney’s letter simply proves that he is well at home in politics.

  • CJ

    I agree with Barney on THIS matter. I wish that others had spoken up against her comment as well.

    Almost every politician running for office, including Obama, Clinton and Bush puts their children on stage at some point. At times we understand it. And, at times we criticize it. What Brown did, mentioning that his daughters were available, is humorous, although probably uncomfortable for his girls. Referring to his daughters as prostitutes is quite different. Sure, attack him. Go after his own photo spreads or whatever. But, you don’t need to directly attack these girls. Too bad we can’t just all grow up and be adults.

  • dvlaries

    I remember hearing comedian Pat Cooper saying he once advised Joan Rivers to stop hammering on stewardesses, because they didn’t have a platform to fight back. “Only pick on the big ones” who have the means to retaliate, if they choose.

    Scott Brown chose public life, and thus is fair game, but it can’t be argued that his daughters are.

  • Robert

    @the crustybastard

    “…who was the genius at HRC who decided to thrust a lunatic fame whore like Kathy Griffin into politics?”

    You do get that everyone on Capitol Hill is a lunatic fame whore working their schtick, right?

  • Seaguy

    Barney’s probably a little touchy when it comes to the subject of prostitutes since he had a scandal years back about hiring one himself.

  • hephaestion

    Kathy marched into Congressman Frank’s office shouting “What’s up, bitches?!” That showed disrespect for the man and for Congress.

    The joke about Sen. Brown’s daughters was just a silly joke no one could take seriously. Frank shouldn’t have been offended by it. But he should have been offended by “What’s up, bitches?!”

  • Queer Supremacist

    Barney “Miss Mona” Frank puts partisan politics before human rights. Does this hack keep getting elected because of his resemblance to Raymond Burr?

    Kathy Griffin is a warmed-over Joan Rivers, except in her case the meanness is genuine.

  • Kevin_BGFH

    Jared Polis seemed to have a good sense of humor.

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